8 On Your Side: Las Vegas Pet Owners Are Cautious Amid Rising Coyote Attacks

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Concerns are mounting for pet owners in the Las Vegas Valley after reports of an increase in coyote sightings.

Kamilia Kohlmeier is a pet owner and has lived in the Desert Shores area for eight years. She says she has heard of the reports and is worried.

“Chase is only three months old, so we’re very nervous as we hear more and more coyotes, especially as the season changes,” Kohlmeier added.

Pet owners’ concerns grow following reports of increasing coyote attacks in the Las Vegas Valley (KLAS)

Doug Nielsen is a conservation education supervisor for the Nevada Department of Wildlife and says Southern Nevada is no stranger to creatures such as mice, squirrels, rabbits, coyotes and even mountain lions. .

“Well, you know, as Las Vegas or any other major metropolitan area grows, we have increased interactions along what we call the wild-urban interface,” he said. “Without the moisture that we get, especially the summer monsoons, but also those winter rains, we don’t have the races on the desert floor.”

Pet owners living in the Desert Shores area are concerned about the increase in coyote sightings.

Michael Kinnear is the chief medical officer at Sun City Animal Hospitals and tells 8 News Now that he has seen many animals come to the hospital due to the severity of some attacks.

“In the last 14 days we’ve had five, so that’s a bit above the norm,” he said. “Unfortunately, they are predatory animals, so they go ahead and, you know, look at your pet, not as a playmate, but as a food source.”

Kinnear doesn’t want pet owners to be afraid, but rather to become more aware and cautious of their surroundings.

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