A Lost Dog’s Incredible 80-Day Journey Through NH, MA Home


Back home

It is perhaps life imitating art in its loudest form. Do you remember the Back home movies that Disney released in the 90s, the first of which (The incredible journey) was a remake of a 1963 film, adapted from a book titled The incredible journey? The three main characters, who were pets voiced by Don Ameche, Michael J. Fox and Sally Field, set off on an adventure across the country in an attempt to return home after getting lost.

It seems like a pretty wacky thing that happens in reality, doesn’t it? Of course – until last week, when a dog from Raymond, New Hampshire named Shyloh finally completed what was ultimately an 80-day trip home after being spooked on July 4th.

4th of July fireworks

According to Holly Mokrzecki, the founder of Granite State Dog Recovery, Shyloh’s adventure began a few months ago on July 4th, where she was so scared after a fireworks display that she took off from her yard with such force that she tore the leash from her hand from his mother. After rushing out of her court, Shyloh found herself on Route 27, which sees cars driving between 40 and 50 MPH (or more) around some very dark areas of the road.

Fortunately, Shyloh avoided the disaster that could have been, but at the same time, the people who were trying to help her catch her to get her back to safety home. In fact, according to accounts from people trying to help him capture her, seeing people trying to pick her up surprised her even more and made her move away even faster.

Granite State Dog Recovery (GSDR)

After watching Shyloh stay a few miles from his home in Raymond to begin with, Holly and her GSDR team set up a trap in an area where Shyloh frequently returned and hung out. But that’s apparently when she proved she wasn’t an average puppy – Shyloh foiled the trap and escaped before the door fully closed to keep her out. inside. She always came back to the area and even sniffed the trap, but refused to go back. Smart dog.

After a few days spent prone and without even being spotted at all, Shyloh reappeared around Highway 101 in Fremont – like on Highway 101, it’s a full-fledged highway with cars going anywhere in between. 60 and 80+ MPH. Shyloh again avoided a bad result and, as Holly said, “caught another scent and she left.” She was then spotted in Danville for 24 hours and then jumped to Kingston for a few days. Attempts to hang her there again failed, as things as simple and innocent as whistles and footsteps in her direction were enough to frighten her more and make her take off again.

Her next stop was Newton (still in New Hampshire, not Mass), where she was seen sleeping in a shallow den she had dug herself on the side of the road. Read this sentence again – Shyloh was smart enough TO CREATE A TEETH FOR SLEEPING SO SHE HAD SOME KIND OF PROTECTION. The only problem is that Shyloh noticed someone had seen her, so she left, actually appearing in an establishment that trains dogs, but she quickly got away with it.

The trail became fairly calm from there, with Shyloh crossing state borders at one point and being seen in Haverhill, Mass, but after this sighting it was all quiet on the Shyloh front for a few weeks. She was eventually seen in Haverhill again, reappearing several times in a house. The GSDR team helped rearrange the backyard of the house a bit in an attempt to catch it once and for all, but like when she left her house in Raymond, something freaked her out again and she took off.

After avoiding this trap in Haverhill, Shyloh returned to the New Hampshire border, was seen again in Newton and then in Plaistow, but fell off the map again for a few weeks after that, until she be seen at last. again in Haverhill, but this time on the other side of town from where she was first seen. From Haverhill, she crossed the state border again, appearing in Salem and then being spotted on 495 (again, a major highway) on the way back to Haverhill.

Throughout all this time and sightings, Shyloh has been observed sneaking through fenced yards through gopher holes. She would literally collapse onto her back and use her front legs against the bottom of the fence and pull herself through. And through all of these sightings, GSDR repeatedly set up equipment, cameras, traps, and food on people’s property.

Finally, Shyloh had returned to a fenced property that GSDR had just removed equipment from, so they were nearby in the area. After receiving the call that she had returned, Holly and her team returned to see Shyloh in the middle of the yard, and after about 15 minutes of blocking his escape attempts, were finally able to throw a catchy trap on him and secure him. ownership. of her.

According to Holly, it was almost as if Shyloh knew she was safe, because after 80 days on the run, two states and nine towns / villages, Shyloh fell to the ground and relaxed for the first time in near 3 months. I mentioned at the start of this that Shyloh had returned home, and she did so in a way, as her new home (for now) is Granite State Dog Recovery, where she was returned as a result of this test.

Holly says GSDR is taking good care of her and giving her a full vet check-up and spaying her as soon as he finds out she’s not pregnant, which means not only is Shyloh up for adoption into your household. magnet, but GSDR also accepts donations to cover the costs of not only Shyloh’s veterinary care, but also the many other animals they help. If you want to help donate to GSDR, they accept it here. And if you want to adopt Shyloh the Adventurer, or any other GSDR-supported puppy right now, you can start this process. here.

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