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SAN FRANCISCO, June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Many companies have implemented the WFH (Work From Home) setup due to the pandemic, and pet owners now have more time with their furry friends. Owning a feline brings a certain feeling of happiness to the owners; There are many scientific advantages to being a cat parent, and it should be a mutualistic relationship between owner and pet. The folks at PLUTO share some tips on how to keep cats happy while their owners are preoccupied with work.

Set a pomodoro timer

Experts recommend at least twenty minutes of recess per day for adult cats to ensure that feline friends do not feel neglected and that it also develops the bond between owner and animal. Setting a pomodoro timer is an efficient way to implement dedicated playtime into the workflow.

Give them space

Humans need space and cats need space. Felines need a place where they can relax and rest while they anticipate the breakup. Pets will most likely stay in their place and not appear unexpectedly during important Zoom calls.

Keep them busy while they’re preoccupied

Offer them toys they can play with. It is a worthwhile investment because it can prevent them from damaging the furniture with their scratches or exploring their curiosity where it is not supposed to be. Cats are bored too.

It’s time for a new ringtone

Still on the default alarm ringtone of a mobile device? Rude awakenings can be felt because of the high pitched tone. Do yourself and the feline a favor and switch to a more zen notification bell, which prevents the owner and the feline from activating quick reflexes that lead to an unfortunate crash.

Keep the litter box clean

Nobody appreciates a dirty toilet, and cats feel the same about their litter boxes. Regular cleaning of the litter box is essential and prevents any infection or damage to their internal organs. Make sure to pick up often and keep their litter box clean.

Pluto Square makes it easy for cat owners to maintain their litter boxes. Pet parents can cross a task off their to-do list because all of the pickup is done automatically. Pluto Square includes a stepper and canopy, weight and safety sensors, as well as a strainer and chute for ultimate odor control. It also has an iOS and Android app for monitoring cat habits and comes in an IKEA-worthy version with five color variations.

Feature Highlights

  • Square shape
  • Open type entry
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Splash-proof step by step
  • Dust cover
  • Bedding change once a week
  • PLUTO SABER add-on
  • Available in five colors: Persian Gray, Jurassic Mint, Salmon Pink, Mustard Yellow and Camel Beige.

Pluto square will be available for pre-order via Kickstarter and the first contributors will get it at a limited reduced rate of $ 189.

For more product information, please contact [email protected] or visit The press kit is available here.

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