An expert shares the do’s and don’ts of a dog bite

A man in Delhi was recently convicted of allegedly attacking three people and punching a companion dog with an iron pipe after he barked at him. Police say he was walking down the street when a pet dog started barking at him.

During a minor scuffle with the pet ownerhe was allegedly bitten by the dog following which he hit the dog with an iron pipe.

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According to veterinarian Dr. Vinod Sharma, a dog bite can lead to sepsis, rabies or even death of the person. “If you not caring for the wound properly and don’t take the injections regularly, these things are likely to happen,” he said.

Highlight the reason why complications occur after a dog bites, Dr Sharma said: “In India, the biggest problem is the lack of awareness. This is also why so many people die of rabies. Street dogs are not vaccinated and the vaccines used for the treatment are not in good condition”.

What to do when a dog bites?

“When a dog bites, most people don’t clean it, which leads to complications,” the expert said. Follow these steps to recover faster.

*Clean the area with running water and soapas much as possible.
*Seek the help of a medical expert immediately.
*After washing, you can also apply betadine or a antiseptic in liquid form.
* Do not dress the wound. Let the doctor decide what needs to be done. Only a doctor should judge the severity and depth of the bite.

He pointed out that the location of the bite also matters. “If it’s on the shoulder, the treatment is different. If it’s below shouldersthe processing line changes.

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