Animal shelter in Luzerne County overrun with abandoned animals

After taking in more than a dozen dogs in two days, an animal shelter in Luzerne County is begging the community to be responsible with their pets.

DALLAS, Pa. — Stray dogs turned themselves in, and some were deliberately left behind for a hectic few days for staff at the Blue Chip Animal Refuge in Dallas.

“Then a car came yesterday around 2pm and they said we had two dogs we needed to get rid of and we said okay we need you to fill out some paperwork and they pushed the dogs out of the car and left,” Marge said. Bart, owner/founder of Blue Chip Animal Refuge.

In two days, Blue Chip took in 16 dogs. Some arrived at the shelter severely malnourished after being neglected like a pit bull with her litter of seven puppies.

“It’s heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking, everyone who cares to volunteer and support the shelter loves these dogs so much it’s so sad to think someone did this to an animal,” said Lisa Vennarini, Blue Chip volunteer.

Blue Chip staff say these incidents are becoming more frequent, straining their already limited resources.

“We only have a limited number of kennel runs so we have put in extra crates, everyone is in kennels and luckily our vet is great. We were able to get everyone to the vet yesterday , with the exception of the new strays which we put on hold to see if their owners claim then but it wore us out,” Marge said.

Volunteers are doing their best to care for all of these dogs, but they tell Newswatch 16 that it is up to responsible pet owners to avoid these situations.

Blue Chip volunteers urge people to spay their pets and encourage prospective pet owners to consider whether or not an animal fits their lifestyle before making a lifelong commitment.

“I just think it’s crazy what they’re doing, it’s crazy. People have to take responsibility for their pets. It’s a shame because dogs pay the price,” Marge said.

Blue chip says it always needs pet-friendly families and volunteers.

If you would like to help, visit the Blue Chip Animal Refuge website by clicking here.

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