As floodwaters rage in Kentucky, a teenager swims to the roof with his pet dog; saved after hours

As Kentucky in the United States reels from severe flooding triggered by torrential rains, the story of a 17-year-old girl who saved her pet dog has touched hearts around the world.

On Thursday, as many parts of Kentucky were submerged in floodwaters, Chloe Adams saw the water levels rise around her home. The teenager was home alone with only her pet dog Sandy for company.

Acting quickly, Adams pulled out a plastic box, put his pet in it, and, having no choice, swam through the cold flood waters while dragging the plastic container.

As CNN reported, Adams swam to the roof of a storage building, which was the only part of the structure that wasn’t submerged, and sat there for hours waiting for the arrival. for help before being rescued by her cousin Larry in a kayak.

On Friday, Adams’ father, Terry, shared a photo on Facebook that showed her sitting on a roof with her dog as floodwaters surrounded them. In the post, he shared that his daughter was rescued in time and shared how she saved their dog’s life. It didn’t take long for the post to reach over 10,000 likes.

Commenting on the post, a Facebook user wrote, “Wow. How scary. I’m glad she’s safe and so is the dog. Another person wrote: “Oh wow! Thank goodness she and her fur baby are fine.

According to Reuters, as of July 29, the death toll in the Kentucky floods stood at 16, while several people were still missing.

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