Bangalore sees a surge in pet dog investigations after ‘777 Charlie’ release

The recent Kannada movie “777 Charlie”, which revolves around the relationship between a dog and its human, has sparked more people’s interest in buying companion dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers. Director Kiranraj K with Rakshit Shetty portrays the relationship between the main character and his pet dog.

The Indian Express spoke to several pet sellers who said they experienced an increase in sales after the film’s release. Rakesh, who breeds dogs in Indiranagar, says: “We only get requests for female Labradors, not males. Otherwise, customers mostly ask for Pomeranians or Shih Tzus, not other breeds.

“We are getting more inquiries for Golden Retriever and Shih Tzu in general, but after the movie there has been an increase in inquiries for Labradors as well over the last two weeks,” says Sam, another breeder .

Aubree Pets owner Mathew says: “There have been quite a few inquiries about Labradors since the movie came out, but I haven’t taken any orders since I shut down the business a few years ago. a few years old.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has called on the public to refrain from supporting breeders and pet shops, most of which are not registered with their national animal welfare council and are therefore illegal. PETA India reminds fans that according to the plot of the film, the dog depicted in 777 Charlie escaped a cruel breeder before ending up on the streets.

“When a certain breed of dog is featured in the media, whether it’s a Pug from Vodafone or a Labrador from 777 Charlie, people flock to buy that breed while leaving the dogs desi languishing in shelters or on the streets,” said Sachin Bangera, vice president of PETA India. -president of celebrity and public relations. “PETA India urges moviegoers who have the time, patience, love and resources to welcome a dog into their home to adopt, not buy.”

Animal shelters across the United States have reported a sharp rise in the number of Dalmatian dogs being found abandoned after many were given away to children following the release of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie remake.

In recent years, the number of huskies being abandoned or turned over to shelters has also increased, which experts attribute to increased demand for the breed due to their physical similarities to werewolves from the fantasy television series Game of Thrones. In fact, depictions of specific dog breeds in movies and TV shows – including Legally Blonde and Men in Black – have reportedly caused massive increases in sales of the breeds featured, but unfortunately many of those dogs are then left behind. refuges by their illness. goalies prepared, PETA said.

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