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(WSVN) – Your pet. I bet you love them whether it’s a cat, a dog or a bearded dragon. But if a pet sitter loses it or even hurts it, what can you do about it? The answer may irritate you because of what the law says. It’s Help Me Howard tonight with Patrick Fraser.

Olivia grew up with animals, and when she left home to go to the University of Miami, she wanted a pet.

Olivia Goldenberg: ‘But I knew I wouldn’t have time as a pre-doctor [student] to take care of a dog or a cat, so I somehow decided to have a reptile.

As a smart student, she did her research, picked out a bearded dragon, and headed to the reptile store.

Olivia Goldenberg: “And I just fell in love with one of them.”

Olivia named her Lemon, and if you watch these videos…

Olivia Goldenberg: “Is it a good treat? Yeah.”

You can see why she loves Lemon.

Olivia Goldenberg: “She loves it – as you can see, when we get home she’s horny and she would literally like to sleep on top of me, like she’s just sitting on my chest. I never thought I would ever have such an emotional connection with a lizard.

In December, when Olivia returned home for Christmas, she took Lemon to the reptile store where she bought her.

Olivia Goldenberg: “They offer a service where they do babysitting.”

But when Olivia came back from break to pick up Lemon, the Lizard Keepers couldn’t find her.

Olivia Goldenberg: “Then I started to really freak out, because I realized they had no idea where she was.”

Olivia says a store employee told her that they must have given lemon to another owner who came to pick up their bearded dragon they were keeping.

Olivia Goldenberg: “I contacted all the owners. I asked for pictures of theirs to make sure there was no confusion, and no one got confused because everyone knows their baby.

When friends came to Olivia’s apartment, they drew pictures of Lemon. These are now hanging on the wall.

Lemon isn’t there, but Olivia hasn’t given up hope.

Olivia Goldenberg: “I just want to find her, and I’m trying to take it upon myself because they’re not helpful.”

Well, legally, what are your rights if a pet sitter loses your pet? Whether it’s a cat, a dog or a bearded dragon. Howard?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “It’s going to disappoint people to know that the law doesn’t care how much you love your pet. If their negligence cost your pet their life, or they lost it like Lemon, they only have to pay the initial cost of the animal. They don’t have to compensate for your pain and suffering.

We spoke to the owner of the Miami Reptile Company.

He said he couldn’t show his surveillance videos to see what happened to Lemon because he lost the password and was locked out.

He told us he was going to find someone to access the videos, but he never did.

Olivia Goldenberg: “She has these bright orange eyelids surrounded by little white dots.”

Olivia hopes someone picked up the evil Bearded Dragon from the Reptile Company and return Lemon to her.

Olivia Goldenberg: “Yeah, it’s empty here, and even the tank is gone, and it’s weird. It’s really weird.

If you think you picked the wrong bearded dragon from the reptile store, let us know. We would like to reunite Lemon and Olivia.

And for those who are kind enough to ask how my skin cancer issue is going, on Tuesday I had the stitches removed and was told I was fine so hopefully I won’t be uglier than I already am.

A “dragon: are you down? Tired of keeping it? Call us. We have a pet peeve of people who need help and aren’t getting it, so let’s help.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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