Belton Parks and Recreation welcomes back Soggy Doggy Day


Man’s best friend will once again have the opportunity to hang out with his dogs and splash around to have a good time on this year’s Soggy Doggy Day.

COVID-19 canceled the day last summer, but it’s this year at the Harris Community Park Splash Pad, 310 N. Alexander St in Belton, on Saturday September 11 and hosted by Belton Parks and Recreation.

According to Belton’s Journal, Harris Community Park Splash Pad will be fenced and there are plenty of activities planned for this year’s event, like a photo booth, so you can capture the moment for life and dog paw canvas art.

Belton Parks and Recreation Department recreation coordinator Manuel Zapata told the Belton Journal, “It’s really important to just allow pets to have this unique opportunity to be able to play in the water and just socialize, really. This is a great opportunity not only for pets to play in the water, but we will also be organizing other activities there for animals and pet owners.

The Harris Community Park Splash Pad will open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the 11th, and yes there are a few rules to follow, including pet owners who must be at least 16 years old and no children under 12. will only be allowed inside the fenced area.

Your dog should also be caught up with rabies and DHLPPV vaccines, and puppies should be at least six months old and also caught up with their parvo vaccines. No bitches in heat please, as that might make her the most popular bitch by the pool. In addition, no dog known to be aggressive towards humans will be allowed.

Dog sunscreen may be necessary, but I’ll let you decide.

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