Can dogs eat couscous? Is couscous safe for dogs?

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Can dogs eat couscous? Maybe you’re asking this because you want to give your furry friend a new treat, or maybe your pup has already tasted your snack. Humans can eat couscous, so is it safe for dogs too?

the short answer is yes, couscous is safe for dogs to eat. Couscous, which is made from wheat, is a grain that can provide your pup with nutrients.

However, as with all human foods, you should consult your veterinarian before giving your dog new food additions. Here’s what you need to know to feed couscous to your dog.

How is couscous good for dogs?

Couscous comes in three varieties: Moroccan, Israeli and Lebanese. Moroccan couscous is the smallest, while Israeli couscous is a bit larger. Lebanese couscous is the largest of the three. All three varieties are made from wheat, which is an ingredient in some dog foods.

There’s an emerging trend to feed your dog “grain-free” foods, but most vets are not on board with this mod. The Food and Drug Administration found that sixteen brands of dog food, all marketed as “grain-free”, were directly linked to canine heart disease.

The wheat in couscous is not only good for your dog to eat, but it is necessary for his health. Ask your veterinarian for more information on healthy eating for your dog.

There are a few exceptions to this, such as if your dog has canine celiac disease. If so, you can try giving your pup a gluten-free snack like cassava instead of couscous.

How can I safely give couscous to my dog?

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The best way for your dog to eat couscous is as clear as possible. Buying couscous at your local farmer’s market is a great way for your pup — and you — to get the most organic variety. You can purchase one of three types of couscous for your pup.

Your dog can eat canned couscous, but it’s more likely to have additives that aren’t good for your dog’s digestion.

You should not give your dog flavored couscous that is pre-seasoned, as it can upset your pup’s stomach. You should also give couscous to your dog in moderation, as too much wheat can have adverse health effects.

Has your dog ever eaten couscous? Did they eat it plain or did you add meat? Let us know in the comments below!

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