Capital Mall goes to dogs on May 7 to celebrate becoming dog friendly

IIt’s a pleasure to be able to take your four-legged best friend with you when shopping. Maybe you need to pick up a gift on the way home from the groomer and don’t want to leave your dog in the car. Maybe it’s raining outside and you like the idea of ​​walking your dog inside while on your way to the store. Whatever your reason for wanting your dog to be welcome at Capital shopping center, Your wish is granted! Starting May 7, Capital Mall will welcome the dogs and they’re celebrating with a Gone to the Dogs celebration from 1 to 3 p.m. this Saturday.

Starting May 7, well-behaved dogs are welcome at the Capital Mall. Photo Courtesy: Capital Mall

“We are delighted to invite well-behaved, leashed dogs to Capital Mall beginning Saturday, May 7,” said Stef Cicerello, Director of Marketing and Business Development. “In order to enhance the shopping experience, customers can enjoy select shopping and dining options at the center in a dry and safe environment all year round. We are the first enclosed mall in the region to offer this convenience to our customers.

Do you have matching outfits for you and your dog? You can now show off your skills at the mall during the opening hours of the mall’s house and walker! And if you don’t have matching outfits, Old Navy can help you through fall and winter with matching dog and owner outfits.

Dogs will be allowed in certain stores only. The Capital Mall website will have a list of dog-friendly stores. “Plus, stores that accept dogs will have a visible storefront to let owners know their dog is welcome there,” Stef shares. And while your dog might not be allowed in the movie theater – way too loud for his ears anyway – you can certainly share a snack at one of the mall’s quick-service restaurants and sit at the tables, perfect for stormy days when you’re outside. just isn’t fun for humans or dogs. Or take your steps shopping in the fun stores. Your dog can help you choose original socks at Hot Topic or a new board game to play at PlayLive Nation.

When your dog needs a break, Capital Mall has dog rescue stations identified outside the entrances to the mall, as well as listed on the website. Of course, we know that accidents do happen sometimes. That’s okay, but all owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog if there’s an accident inside or outside the mall.

Capital Mall General Manager Kevin Johnstone and his dog sitting at a desk
Capital Mall canine code of conduct denials between general manager Kevin Johnstone and Good Dog Watson. Photo Courtesy: Capital Mall

To keep everyone safe, happy, and enjoying the benefit of having a dog-friendly indoor mall, Capital Mall asks dog owners to read their dog code of conduct before bringing your dog with you. “If a dog is aggressive, both dog and owner will be asked to leave the property,” Stef shares. The Code of Conduct can be viewed on the website and also posted at the Capital Mall entrances.

Went to the dog party

Come celebrate dog-friendly at the Capital Mall on May 7 from 1-3 p.m.! Be one of the first dogs to walk the aisles of the mall. Dogs and their owners can walk on the green pup-erazzi carpet and take pictures. Get a free caricature of you and your dog, enter raffles at dog-friendly Capital Mall stores, and grab a doggy bag full of loot. This is sure to be the canine social event of the season and a howling good time, so mark your calendars and grab those leashes!

For more information, visit the Capital Mall website.

Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog inside Capital Mall lying on a bright green dog raincoat
Rainy day blues? No need for that pesky raincoat when you’re walking your dog through the Capital Mall! Photo credit: Kristina Lotz


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