Check out the 11 best approved pet products and equipment on sale today

Our pets are part of our family, so why not pamper them? Save big with these popular pet products and gear, just in time for the holidays.

My dog’s breed identification DNA test

While our beloved dogs cannot talk to us, there are ways to find out more about their needs. With a dog breed identification DNA test, you will discover breed specifications and unique personality traits that you would never have known otherwise with a simple swab of your pet’s cheek.

Get the Dog Breed Identification DNA test for $ 59.99 (reg. $ 79).

Wickedbone: intelligent interactive dog toy

Conventional bones have found their place with this successful Kickstarter funded dog toy. The Wickedbone delivers endless hours of entertainment with nine interactive modes controlled directly through your smartphone.

Get the Wickedbone: Smart Interactive Dog Toy for $ 69.95 (reg. $ 99).

Style Basics 55 ” x 40 ” Large Heavyweight Silky Plush Pet Blanket

If your pet needs extra comfort during the colder months, this chunky plush blanket is the perfect candidate. Hypoallergenic and certified by the OEKO-TEX standard, the silky soft blanket will keep your pet warm for years to come.

Get the Style Basics 55 ” x 40 ” Large Thick Silky Plush Pet Blanket for $ 14.99 (reg. $ 29).

5Strands Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test

While we don’t always see food intolerances as the main cause when our pets get sick, they are more common than you might think and can bring real distress into their daily lives. The 5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test allows your pet to be tested for various sensitivities from the comfort of home, saving you money on expensive vet visits and causing less stress to your cat or dog.

Get the 5Strands Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance test for $ 134.99 (reg. $ 148).

Meadowlark Front Seat Protector

Keep your seats protected and your puppy comfortable during long car trips with this four-layer front seat cover. The sturdy construction and non-slip mesh back allows for safe transport, while a foldable design lets you store it easily when not in use.

Get the Meadowlark Front Seat Protector for $ 31.99 (reg. $ 34).

Interactive feed ball for cats and dogs

Keep your pet entertained and trained with this innovative feeding ball that houses your dog or cat’s favorite treats. You’ll even be able to control the feeding speed, personalizing the experience for each furry friend.

Get the interactive educational cat and dog food ball for $ 44.95 (reg. $ 59).

350ml Portable Pet Water Bottle (Black)

Take water for your dog everywhere with this portable (and durable) water bottle, designed specifically for pets on the go. With an integrated drinking basin, you can fill the bottle and let your pet drink from it during hikes or long trips by car.

Get the 350ml Portable Pet Water Bottle (Black) for $ 19.95 (reg. $ 25).

HEATD Dog Bed Mattress with Removable Heating Pad, Rechargeable Battery Slots and Cooling Pad

Comfort your canine companions against drastic weather drops with the HEATD dog bed mattress. This innovative product keeps furry family members warm without worrying about wiring and comes with a thermostatic controller and timer, keeping your puppy comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

Get the HEATD dog bed mattress with removable heating pad, rechargeable battery and cooling pad slots for $ 129 (reg. $ 199).

Pet Car Seat Belt

Take your small dog or cat anywhere with this simple yet effective pet seat belt. Made with durable materials, the easy-to-install harness will keep your pet safe during short and long car trips.

Get the Pet Seat Belt for $ 13.99 (reg. $ 24).

Animal Hair Dryer Balls (Pack of 6)

Are you tired of animal hair all over the place? These dryer balls use friction to remove all the last pet hair without damaging your closet or linens.

Get the Pet Hair Remover Dryer Balls (pack of 6) for $ 17.99 (reg. $ 19).

Cheerble Wicked Ball Cyclone: ​​100% automatic interactive ball for dogs

This stand-alone dog toy will help keep your active puppy entertained for hours. With 100% automatic self-displacement capabilities, the Wicked Ball moves or shakes (in three different interactive modes) to grab your pet’s attention and allow them to safely release their energy.

Get the Cheerble Wicked Ball Cyclone: ​​100% Automatic Interactive Dog Ball for $ 47.99 (reg. $ 49).

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