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The reaction from a major animal rights group was swift after a large corporation pleaded guilty to chicken abuse.

“Elite Farm Services’ guilty pleas represent progress for farm animals,” said Daina Bray, general counsel at Mercy For Animals.

The reaction came on Wednesday, September 29, two days after the Chilliwack chicken-catching company pleaded guilty to two of 38 charges in the British Columbia Supreme Court.

“Businesses and their owners are responsible for the animals in their care, and they should be held accountable when animals are mistreated,” Bray said. “While Mercy For Animals is of course not sure what factors ultimately contributed to Elite’s decision to plead these counts, we are pleased that the video evidence gathered by a Mercy For Animals whistleblower – which was brought to trial admissible by the court – probably contributed to their decision. “

Undercover footage of employees wearing Elite jackets showed them throwing, kicking, stomping and tearing birds apart on farms in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley and Surrey in 2017.

“Companies like Elite Farm Services and Sofina Foods are responsible for the lives of millions of chickens,” Bray said. “Mercy For Animals continues to call on chicken suppliers and retailers to step up and take meaningful action to end some of the worst forms of cruelty to chickens raised for meat.”

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