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Rarely in life has Donna Tetrault felt more helpless than she has been in recent days.

Helpless as her beloved dog Aiden was attacked by a pit bull. Helpless as a vet worked long hours trying to save her life and helpless because she doesn’t know who to blame.

She doesn’t know where the pit bull came from or why he was allowed to run free. She doesn’t know who owns the dog.

All she knows is that she had to pay $ 4,700 to save Aiden, and she’s afraid it’ll happen again.

Donna Tetrault took photos of the damage to her dog Aiden from an aggressive pit bull.

“When we went for walks before, I was worried that I would meet not-so-nice people, or drop the leash and see Aiden run into traffic,” said the 78-year-old. “But I’ve rarely seen a dog roaming free and never expected something like this to happen.

“My poor little dog (a nine year old, 13 pound Havanese) did nothing and probably never knew what hit him.”

Tetrault lives in a gated complex on Young Road. On the day of the attack, September 9, she and Aiden left the compound and met in the parking lot at Chilliwack Town Hall. Seconds after Aiden dropped poop in the grass, the pit bull came in from behind, clenched his big jaws around the little dog’s neck, and started to shake.

“I didn’t expect it to be so quiet,” she said. “I always thought that when a dog attacks there would be growls and growls and a big kerfuffle. But no. This dog silently approached behind me and silently grabbed my dog. Aiden screamed once, and that’s it. Nothing more.”

Because it went so smoothly, Tétrault had to cry out for help. Nearby construction workers ran to help separate the dogs.

She grabbed Aiden and rushed him to nearby Cheam View Veterinary Hospital where he was rushed for surgery.

“It took a long time for the vet (Dr Kuldeep Chahal) to come back, but when he did he said, ‘This is bad. It’s very, very bad, ”recalls Tétrault.

Another vet was called and for the next four hours, Tétrault waited, anxiously hoping his beloved pet would make it through.

At the end of the operation, Chahal entered the waiting room with a mask on his face but joy in his eyes.

Aiden succeeded.

“He actually walked on all fours in the waiting room which was so wonderful,” said Tetrault. “It’s a love. He’s the dog who loves everyone, and everyone loves Aiden.

The pit bull fled and was then located and collected by Chilliwack Animal Control.

“We can confirm that the offending dog was impounded at the scene on September 9 and held at the CARE Center in Chilliwack for seven days,” said Angelique Crowther. The owner of the dog was fined for the offense of ‘dog causing injury’ and the dog was found to meet the criteria of an ‘aggressive dog’ and was designated as such under the regulations on animal control of the FVRD. This required the dog owner to follow a strict set of requirements, including leashing and muzzling the dog when not contained. Animal control officers inspected the offending dog’s owner’s property to ensure containment requirements could be met, and the owner was able to claim his dog against payment of impounding, boarding and licensing fees .

“With regard to the sharing of the name of the owner of the offending dog, due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the personal information of either party shall not are not disclosed at any time. “

Tétrault is worried that he will not be told the name of the owner.

“I don’t care about the money,” she said. “My dog ​​was going to have this operation no matter what, but at least if the owner paid for it, he would take responsibility for what his dog did, and I think he should.”

Someone told her she could sue, but without the name (s) of the owner (s), who is she suing?

In the end, Tétrault returns to this feeling of helplessness.

“I would like to tell people to be more vigilant, but I didn’t see this dog until he was right there, so being more vigilant wouldn’t have helped,” she said. “You can’t ask people not to walk in this area. Since I don’t know the owner and no one will tell me, I guess all I can say is that owners of a dog that would do something like this need to be much more careful and make sure that their dog is content.

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