Chinese pet company Touchdog apologizes for misclassifying consumer groups


Touchdog’s apology statement on his official Weibo account. Photo: Weibo.

Chinese pet company Touchdog apologized on Thursday for misleading consumer groups participating in the brand’s reward campaign with abusive descriptions, after screenshots of the names went viral on the media. Chinese social networks.

Consumers participating in Touchdog’s reward campaign, in which members accumulate points, discovered on Wednesday in one of the official Wechat brand groups that the names of their involved rating groups were classified as inappropriate and even with a description. abusive as “ugly women”, Chinese media. reported on Thursday.

It was also reported that members who questioned and asked for an apology from the Wechat group administrator were kicked out of the group chat, while another employee in charge of live streaming the brand across different platforms has been kicked out of the group chat. responded with an even worse attitude, when consumers asked for an apology during the live broadcast session.

Touchdog apologized on Thursday on its official Sina Weibo website, saying the company severely criticized and suspended the two responsible employees.

According to the statement released by the company, the administrator had previously changed the names of the classification groups in order to liven up the atmosphere, but management did not verify the new names and notify the problems quickly, while community operators Officials did not solve the problem by answering questions, bringing the problem to the attention of the public.

“We will further strengthen the training of our employees and give the matter serious thought,” Touchdog said in the statement.

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