Chris Carran: I will prioritize premises, infrastructure and the environment

Chris Carran

As a business owner and resident for 17 years, I am committed to supporting the Silverthorne community.

In 2020, I worked with the City of Silverthorne and several vendors to raise enough money to purchase HEPA air purifiers for Silverthorne Elementary classrooms.

That summer, I supported the Family & Intercultural Resource Center food bank with a $500-a-week budget from US Foods to order fresh dairy and produce to help provide nutritious meals to families in need.

And in 2018, 2019 and 2021, I worked with the Town of Silverthorne to host the Local Appreciation Party. This is an annual First Friday event that raises money for local nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations benefiting from the event include Summit Community Care Clinic, Shaw Cancer Center, Family & Intercultural Resource Center, Building Hope Summit County, Bristlecone Health Services, Summit Musicians Relief Fund, Domus Pacis, the Lake Dillon Preschool and the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District.

Additionally, Locals Liquors annually produces a collaborative beer called Companion Ale. All proceeds from the sale of the beer are donated to a local non-profit organization that benefits animals. Past recipients include Silverthorne Animal Hospital to help pay for needed services for indigent pet owners, Summit Lost Pet Rescue and the Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment’s Wonderpup Medical Fund.

As an involved member of the community, I see this as a very important time for the Town of Silverthorne. We are witnessing unprecedented growth. Second home ownership and short-term rentals are straining the infrastructure and the affordable housing market for sales and rentals to live and work here. We find that the demand for employees increases as their ability to reside in the community decreases. The lack of affordable housing and the cost of childcare make it impossible to live and work here. We must protect the working community of our county. As an employer, I understand the challenges and costs of retaining good employees.

We need to give people the opportunity to live, work and raise their families here. Uncontrolled growth will be the death of our community. As a member of the City Council, I will bring an understanding of the challenges of raising a family and running a business to Silverthorne and Summit County.

I will bring the experience of working for a large corporation and starting and growing a successful small business. I know the importance of cooperation and support in the private and public sectors as our city continues to grow. I also know the importance of learning and listening to all stakeholders involved before making decisions.

Priority #1: Locals

I pledge to protect the working class and the families that make up this community. I will work to ensure that current and future residents and families of Silverthorne have the opportunity to grow and prosper here as our town grows.

Priority no. 2: Infrastructure

I will focus on providing and maintaining infrastructure, both social and structural, capable of handling current needs and the needs induced by future growth.

Priority n°3: Environment

I will work to preserve the delicate balance between man and nature as our city grows and the impact we have on our environment increases.

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