Clark County Restaurants and Nonprofits Get a Boost from Savor the Couve

“We were thrilled to say yes,” said Christy Bork, national program manager at Pet Peace of Mind. “It’s a great event to support local restaurants, and it’s also great that they’ve thought about nonprofits as well.”

Pet Peace of Mind is a national non-profit organization based in Salem with two partners in Vancouver, Community Home Health and Hospice and Peace Health Hospice. The organization partners with hospices and home care agencies, providing care assistance to patients who are no longer able to care for their animals. And if the patient passes without any member of the family being able to take the animal, the association helps to find a new home for it.

Pet Peace of Mind has been in operation for 13 years and relies on individual donations to continue.

“So events like this are really special to us,” Bork added.

And for the restaurants that have chosen to participate, the chance Savor the Couve offers to get their name and food out to new customers is not lost on them.

“It gives us the opportunity to feed 300 people. And that’s 300 people to try our food that wasn’t there before. That’s what it means. It’s amazing,” said David White, co-owner of Hidden House Market, 100 West 13th St., Vancouver, in a press statement.

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