Community comes together to help dog with health problems

A nonprofit that rescues dogs out of state will receive help from another nonprofit that helps pay the animals’ medical bills.

K9 Kindness Rescue Incorporated in Bettendorf rescued a dog named Pepper from Texas. She was later diagnosed with chronic regurgitation and a megaesophagus, a condition in which the esophagus enlarges abnormally.

This makes it difficult for Pepper to eat and requires surgery.

After Critter Crusaders, a Cedar Rapids nonprofit, heard about Pepper’s story, the group decided to help.

Kimberly Patterson is the president of K9 Kindness Rescue Inc. She said K9 Kindness picked up Pepper in St. Louis before bringing him to the Quad Cities.

“It was kind of like an all night mission,” Patterson said. “We met around 11 p.m. and then came back and knocked on their door around 2:30 a.m. with the dog and seven puppies,” Patterson said.

After a visit to the vet, they received the sad news that Pepper is suspected of having a megaesophagus and a persistent right aortic arch, an abnormality of the blood vessels in the heart. Pepper will need a special chair so that she can eat.

K9 Kindness took to social media for help to see if someone could make a Bailey chair – a sort of dog high chair – that would help Pepper. A lot of people have come forward.

“We reached out to our general group of friends on Facebook and said, ‘This is Pepper. She’s super special. Please share this with any of your carpenter friends you may have there. Here’s what the Bailey Chair looks like – here’s how it works. Let us know, ”Patterson said.

Steven Owen and his friend Jeremy Sierens saw the message and decided to help Pepper.

“As soon as I saw it, I was moved,” Owen said. “I was like, ‘I have to do something. I don’t care what it is, I have to do something. He and I kind of collaborated together and yes, we went to work, ”Owen said. “I had to measure her from the scapula to her back end and make sure her real paws still fit here and stuff.”

As for medical bills Cedar Rapids Critter Crusaders go up to the plate.

“We provide the care ourselves. We communicate directly with the doctors. We help formulate the treatment plans for each animal and make sure that every pet that is in our system – and that would be Pepper included – receives 100% of everything they need from start to finish, ”he said. said Jan Erceg, Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids medical coordinating director.

K9 Kindness Rescue Inc. says they are grateful for the help and support they have received.

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