Dachshunds may not be Santa’s reindeer, but we can dream


Dachshunds are the quintessential dog breed. Am I biased? Absoutely. I’ve only ever had dachshunds so of course I think they’re the best. But could they be Santa’s reindeer? Could they pull this sled? Probably not. Here’s why.

They are short and small

dachshunds aren’t exactly the tallest dogs, so having them sled around the world might not be the best idea. Sure, they would fly, but with their size, I don’t know how far they will really be able to pull the sled forward. The reindeer certainly have more strength.

That’s not to say that dachshunds wouldn’t do their best to pull the sled (especially if you put a treat in front of them), but they probably don’t go too far.

Dachshunds may not be Santa’s reindeer, but we can dream

They are capricious

Dachshunds… well, they can be a bit finicky. They probably won’t do everything Santa says and at some point they will definitely do whatever they want.

It’s just their nature. They can’t help it. They think they know best. Or they do one thing and then change their mind and do the exact opposite.

They like to bite things

Put a dachshund anywhere near the presents in Santa’s sleigh and these presents won’t do it under a tree in one piece. The wrapping paper is going to be torn, and the box the gift is in is definitely going to have a bite of it.

Although the toy is still intact, having a missed gift is not good for the Santa Claus brand! His business must be impeccable. He spent the whole year working on it after all.

2 reasons we always want dachshunds to pull the sled

But despite these reasons, who wouldn’t want a bunch of dachshunds pulling Santa’s sleigh? The level of cuteness could never be matched. So let’s take a look at some reasons why they should be given the job.

They are the cutest dogs ever

No dog matches the dachshund’s cuteness factor. They are the champions of cuteness. Give them their trophy. Their long bodies, tiny feet, long noses, and precious faces combine to make them the best dog when it comes to worship.

The way they waddle, jump and run makes them all the more adorable and sweet. I challenge you to look at a dachshund and not start to smile. It’s impossible. Santa would love them!

They are good at spreading love

Dachshunds love to love! They will kiss you until they suffocate you, they are hugging masters, and they will protect you from people or animals that are four times their size. Santa is synonymous with love, joy, and fun, and dachshunds represent all of these things.

Sure, they might bark more than they should and they don’t like strangers, but they make up for how much they love their humans.

Do you think dachshunds should be Santa’s reindeer? Let us know in the comments below!

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