David Koechner presents a “moving” season 2


It’s a dog’s world when this series of puppy-filled competitions, America’s best dog, returns with a new format and a new delicate course.

Dogs and their human companions start by running the K9-Combine in snout-to-snout clashes within their class: police dogs, “outsiders” and working dogs (like Niko, a German-Belgian Shepherd mix trained in human remains. detection, above, with its owner Alison Case).

Obstacles like “Pipe Dream”, a 30-foot long tunnel that the dog must pass through without its handler, and the explicit “Shaky Bridge” speed and agility test.

But the most important skill needed for these duos to reach the second round, where the group winners compete for a prize of $ 10,000 (and an additional $ 5,000 for charity)? Team work!

(Credit: A&E)

“The incredible discipline and love between dog and owner – it’s always touching,” says Office veterinarian David Koechner, another Season 2 addition who joins NFL broadcaster Curt Menefee in calling the action. “It seems to me that every dog ​​jumps into the arms of the owner. The fact that they are able to do that, in addition to all of these tasks, is pretty amazing.

America’s best dog, Season 2 premiere, Tuesday June 29, 8 / 7c, A&E

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