Dog owner Stewkley warns against throwing stick after pet ‘could have died’ from injury


A woman from Stewkley urges other dog owners not to throw sticks after her spaniel was injured in an accident “which could have killed her”.

Jess Corkett, 30, is hoping animal lovers will listen to her call, as her five-year-old spaniel, Maggie, had her leg impaled by a 28cm piece of wood.

Brave Maggie was rushed to the veterinary clinic, Hockliffe Road, Leighton Buzzard, where she underwent surgery to remove the stick from her muscle and was able to return home that same evening (August 25).

Maggie after her operation (photo: Jess Corkett); and on the right, after the accident (photo: La Clinique Vétérinaire).

Jess told the LBO: “I will never throw a stick again. You think that will never happen to you.

“It’s bad luck but she was incredibly lucky; if it had gone through her stomach or her lungs, it could have killed her.

“I’ll be carrying a tennis ball in my pocket from now on!”

Jess had taken Maggie to Stewkley Recreation Ground on the evening of August 25, where she was having fun picking up the stick.

Maggie’s x-ray. Photo: The veterinary clinic.

However, the final pitch of the evening went horribly wrong and Jess’ mother was called in to get them to the vet quickly.

Jess recalls, “We had just had a good game and she was chasing the stick and went to get it and take it back.

“It bounced off the ground and she collided with it. It was the moment – you couldn’t do it if you tried.

“She was impaled with the stick, but she was circling around trying to get it and I just ran over and held her still. She was still wagging her tail.”

Maggie before and after the accident. Photos: Jess Corkett.

Luckily for Maggie, the stick had missed a nearby artery, so there was no blood, and Jess kept her calm on the way to the vets.

That evening, the staff at the vet clinic performed an operation to remove the stick, and surprisingly, the brave Maggie was able to return home that evening.

Jess said: “The vet clinic was just amazing. I can’t praise them enough.

“They operated on her on Wednesday night and at 11:00 p.m. that same night she was able to go home.”

The stick had lodged two-thirds of the skin and muscle on Maggie’s left hind leg, but the team were able to pull it out before placing a drain.

Maggie was then back for exams on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the holiday, and she is still being watched now and receiving pain relief.

Jess said, “You know there is a risk [throwing sticks] but you think it will never happen to you, because you don’t hear about it very often.

“She also picks them up when we walk, but this injury could have happened just as easily if she was running.”

Jess would like to especially thank Egbert DeVries, Hannah Becks, Paul Verschueren and Julia Mendez of The Vet Clinic and thank them for all their help.

As for the brave Maggie, she is in good shape and feels like she was before!

Sarah Bennett, Practice Manager, told LBO: “Maggie’s injury is not uncommon so it was nice to miss vital organs, but you see it too often I’m afraid so no shock comes. present here.

“There are many other toys and games for your dog to play in the park that are more beneficial than sticks. Kong makes a safestix which is a rubber alternative to a stick if that’s the shape he likes. We see not only impaled wounds but also sticks lodged in the roof of the mouth, split tongue, choking and splinters in the gums – all unpleasant for the dog.

“Maggie is doing very well and is cheerful again. I think it was a hard and costly lesson for the owner who was raised with her family’s throwing sticks and then it continued with her young family as well.”

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