Doggone mail shutdown continues in export


Residents of Tyler Avenue in Export say they understood postal workers’ concerns about a pair of neighborhood dogs that got lost in late summer, but they also say the dogs are gone and that they want to collect their mail.

“This is the strangest situation – no one seems to know what’s going on,” said Kim Webber, a Tyler Avenue resident, who said she recently spoke with the owner of the dogs.

As no charges have been filed, the Tribune-Review does not name the owner of the animal.

U.S. Postal Service officials confirmed they temporarily halted delivery to Tyler Avenue after the dogs slackened, chasing and cornering a mailman. Residents of the Little Street must go to the post office in Murrysville, about four miles away, to pick up their mail.

Northeastern Region Postal Services spokesman Steve Doherty said he wanted the image of the “dog chasing the postman” to be just a cliché.

“The reality is we’ve had 132 cases of carriers suffering animal bites just in western Pennsylvania so far this year,” Doherty said.

Export animal control officer Maria Martin of Hideaway Kennels in Irwin said no one from the post office ever contacted her to report the incident.

“I had agents go to her house (to the pet owner) and meet the dogs, and they were very nice,” Martin said. “Do I think they chased the postman?” Yes. But the postman never reported anything.

Webber said the dogs had been returned and Martin and postal officials had been made aware.

“She (the owner of the animal) showed me the documentation she gave to the dog catcher and the post office,” Webber said. “The post office tells me it’s a security issue, and I understand. But when I spoke to the mayor and Maria (Martin), they told me that she just needed to provide proof that the dogs were confined and that they were vaccinated against rabies. She said she had both as of September 2.

Doherty did not respond to requests for comment on when mail delivery would resume at Tyler Avenue, or on the number of animal-related stops in place in western Pennsylvania. He said the post office was working with Martin “to remedy the situation.”

With the dogs gone, Webber said she couldn’t see what remained to be done to resume mail delivery.

“It has been over two months now since we received our mail,” said Webber. “(The dogs) aren’t even there anymore. Everyone on the street can attest to this.

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