Dogtopia consulted for Doggie Daycare content on Minecraft Marketplace

Press release: Dogtopie

Dogtopia, the country’s fastest growing dog daycare, boarding and spa franchise, recently announced a partnership with Razzleberries, a content creator on Minecraft Marketplace, to create the Doggie Daycare world. Dog daycare for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will allow players to take charge of a realistic dog daycare, inspired by the experts at Dogtopia.

The partnership between Dogtopia and Razzleberries allows players to download the world from Minecraft Marketplace on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The world will test your skills in four mini-games where you hire your staff, take care of dogs, and learn about 16 dog breeds. Now more than ever, doggy day care has become a necessity for families who adopted a puppy during the pandemic, as many people don’t have the luxury of working from home as often and need help with it. their pets.

“While viewing this content, we provided a window to a Dogtopia location, shared information about each type of breed, and created real life scenarios that pet parents can face with their dog,” said Neil Gill, CEO and President. “We hope Minecraft players can see what it looks like and enjoy looking after a dog in this fun and interactive environment.”

This partnership was born with the help of Razzleberries. Their creations have won over 115,000 50-star reviews with over 260 unique and innovative content that now includes the ability to run your own dog daycare.

With over 180 locations across North America, Dogtopia is the nation’s fastest growing brand in the pet industry. At Dogtopia, dogs enjoy an open play environment with a protective rubber floor to relieve joint relief while promoting safe socialization, exercise and education. Dogtopia’s webcams also give pet parents peace of mind and the ability to watch their puppies when they are away.

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