DONATION PORTRAITS: Veterinarian King Goes ‘Beyond’ For His Companion Patients

Barbara Winslow has been a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine since 1992. She grew up with a love for animals and a fascination with medicine, enjoying many interesting conversations with her father who was an emergency physician.

It’s no surprise that the rewards for Winslow’s hard work exist in the great relationships she builds with many pet owners as well as her amazing team. She is committed to supporting the animals in her care, their owners and staff – always striving to create a fearless environment for pets, open lines of communication and doing everything she can. can to strengthen the bond between animals and their humans. Dr. Winslow’s ultimate goal is to partner with the pet owner to serve a common goal: the welfare of his pet. She believes that pets are good for people, and by helping them, she is also helping their people.

For those who cannot afford veterinary care for their pets, Winslow is often able to help them access funds through the Farley Foundation of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), an organization formidable that ensures that animals receive the necessary care that they might not otherwise have. The most memorable moment was that of an older golden retriever; Dr Barb attended a home visit for her because she was not eating or could not stand. Her owner was sure she needed to be euthanized. After examining the female dog, Winslow identified a uterine infection that was causing her severe symptoms. She needed surgery to remove the painful infected uterus, and Winslow quickly worked with the Farley Foundation to secure approval for funding, which included a portion from her practice. The magnificent golden retriever was operated on within days. The dog was due to be taken to the clinic the morning of her operation, and surprisingly she came out on her own at the end of the day!

The clinic team proudly hosted several fundraising events in support of the Farley Foundation, including three pet portrait sessions and a street fair.

Winslow works with animal rescue operations, mentors students in his practice, and volunteers with the Peer Advisory Committee (PAC) of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO), a program that helps veterinarians achieve excellence in their practice. She shares that throughout her life and career she has struggled with mental health and anxiety issues and appreciates that PAC strives to support veterinarians’ mental health and professional skills.

Six days a week, Winslow goes above and beyond for his pet families. Sunday is his free time. She and her husband love their photoshoots, going to various locations within hours of their homes in search of photo-worthy landscapes.

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