Exotic proteins: Ostrich Farm invests in Mosaic pet food brand

Press Release: Mosaic

A pioneer in exotic proteins, Mosaic Pet Food, a brand of Boston Treat House, has received an investment from one of the largest ostrich farms in the world, officially making Mosaic the world’s number one brand in the pet industry. company for the exotic protein sector.

The partnership will give Mosaic the opportunity to expand into other consumable categories, including breakthrough hypoallergenic food for dogs and cats, exotic body parts, innovative supplements and more.

As it continues to meet strong demand across the United States, Mosaic will also expand its distribution to other continents, as it now has the capacity to sustainably produce multiple volumes of Exotic consumables the size of a container on a monthly basis, using its own state of the art. -art, certified manufacturing facilities, while having an ecological impact for our planet. Ostrich farming uses 98% less land and 99% less water than cattle farming.

Jared Shlager, CEO of Mosaic Pet Food, explained how the brand’s primary goal is to use sustainably sourced, exotic proteins to address major pet health issues, such as food allergies, while using new food science methods to disrupt the way pet food and consumables are made. Shlager plans to pioneer new trends in the pet industry to inspire other manufacturers to help build a better future for pet health and welfare.

Year after year, the number of cases of food allergy symptoms due to the consumption of common proteins (chicken, beef, pork, lamb) is increasing. Many dogs with skin disorders and digestive issues also have underlying food sensitivities.

Shlager says, “These major health issues are increasing pet owners’ demands for exotic, non-allergenic consumables. Mosaic has the supply capabilities to meet the strong demand in the global pet industry. Business aside, it is my moral responsibility to cure all animals of all suffering.

Mosaic also supplies other unique proteins, such as wild octopus, and plans to offer the widest variety of exotic proteins in the industry by 2023.

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