Fans talk about Ree Drummond’s reckless cat

While some fans were concerned about Drummond’s video, other cat owners found the situation too relatable. Some left comments on the post sharing their own experiences with their cats’ equally dangerous behavior. One fan wrote, “Oh my god!! I have the same problem here and I always try to call them back! Then my golden retriever tried to grab it and it seemed like a really bad idea!” Another commented, “I just posted a video yesterday of our gray barn cat crossing our pond too! He’s super cool and beefy too!” A third joked: ‘Barn cats would survive the apocalypse alongside Twinkies and cockroaches. I’m sure of it.’ Even Food Network star Sunny Anderson chimed in, offering some comfort to her fellow pet owner. “I know the ‘scream for them and they run away’ vibe…so scary, but the cat looks light on its feet,” alongside several heart emojis.

Either way, Drummond assured his followers there was nothing to worry about his pet. “This cat has gotten itself out of countless sticky situations for ten years and has managed to evade coyotes, eagles, hawks and rattlesnakes, so I’ve finally determined that this is a feline that will do just fine. “, she ended the caption. Based on how confidently her spunky kitten appears in the video, we’d have to agree.

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