Fight breaks out in hsg company over dog poop, 12 people arrested | Pune News

Pune: A feud over dog poop on the premises of a housing company in Lohegaon turned violent on Saturday when members of two groups assaulted each other.
Airport police later arrested 12 people, including women, from either group following cross-complaints of riots, indecent assault, injury and abuse , among other charges.
Senior Airport Police Inspector Bharat Jadhav told TOI on Monday: “We have recorded two complaints of riots, read with accusations of assault, against the two groups of people from the housing company.”
Police say the incident happened around 9:30 p.m. when a woman (24) took her companion dog for a walk on company premises and a group of locals confronted her. A resident of the company told TOI: “We had warned all residents, who own dogs, to clean up the poop if they take their pets for walks on company premises. We also asked residents to have a discussion if they wanted to raise the issue instead of fighting or arguing among themselves ”.
Police said they recorded two cases.
A 55-year-old man filed a complaint claiming that seven-eight members of the housing company kicked and punched him after confronting the dog’s owner. They also kicked and punched his wife and three or four local residents, according to the complaint. Police arrested seven local residents on the basis of the complaint.
Likewise, the dog’s owner filed a complaint with police saying five local residents confronted her after she took her pet for a walk on company premises.
After mistreating her, the five people beat her and also assaulted her mother, according to the complaint.

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