Happier reunion – RSPCA welcomes Reuniting Pets Bill


RSPCA Victoria is pleased to see legislation regarding the reunion of lost animals with owners introduced to Parliament today and commends the work of the Labor Government in Victoria to implement this campaign pledge.

Under Section 84D of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (the Act), currently veterinary surgeries and other animal shelters cannot legally reunite stray animals with their owners unless they have entered into a 84Y agreement with local council.

Changes to legislation introduced in parliament today mean all veterinarians and shelters will be able to scan a lost animal’s microchip and immediately contact the owner, avoiding having to send the animal to the council’s pound. local.

RSPCA Victoria has extensive experience in operating pound and shelters and in reuniting pets with their owners and supports reunification pathways that allow dogs and cats to return directly to their owners. RSPCA Victoria currently has 84Y agreements in place with local Victoria councils, allowing the animal welfare organization to provide this service.

Ahead of the 2018 state election, RSPCA Victoria advocated for lost pets to be reunited directly with their owners and, in August 2020, provided commentary on the lost pets reunion review.

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker said at the time that the organization was delighted to gain bipartisan support to amend Section 84D of the law to allow veterinarians and animal shelters to reunite lost animals with their owners without the requirement of a Section 84Y agreement.

“This is a great result for animal welfare and for pet owners in Victoria,” said Dr Walker.

“Allowing veterinary clinics and animal shelters to reunite animals directly with their owners without the need for an 84-year agreement with local councils would reduce the separation period, avoid additional animal transfer, and reduce the burden.” on the books.

“Allowing pets to be reunited directly with their owners will have a positive impact on the welfare of animals found to be stray, while reducing running costs for local councils. “

RSPCA Victoria encourages pet owners to ensure their pets are microchipped. A microchip provides a form of permanent identification that can help reunite owners of lost or injured pets. Consult the registers of domestic animals (microchip)

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