Hawkeye director explains how they gave the lucky pizza dog an eye

Hawkeye’s canine actor Lucky the Pizza Dog was supposed to have one eye removed digitally, and the show’s director explains how it was done.

The real star of the future Hawk Eye the series on Disney + may not be Clint Barton or Kate Bishop, but rather Lucky the Pizza Dog – the couple’s one-eyed canine companion. Hollywood doesn’t have a lot of one-eyed dog actors, however, so the show’s director explains how the special effects team turned the sighted golden retriever into a handicapped Lucky.

Director Rhys Thomas first explained his initial hesitation by using a real dog – whose real name is Jolt – when filming, rather than a CGI creation. “With Jolt, we had a hearing process with our dogs,” Thomas said. Hollywood journalist. “Jolt did an amazing job. There are some very specific things the dog has to do. She was awesome. I was really dubious, and I had pictures of a CG dog. Really, I can’t think of it. at a time when we wasted time because of Jolt. She was on it. “

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Removing Jolt’s good eye – digitally, that is – has proven to be more of a challenge than just wearing a special eye patch against a green screen. “I was informed that she would probably go around in circles if we obstructed her eye,” Thomas said. “These wizards – we were shooting a scene with Jolt, and the visual effects team would come in and take all the lighting references and whatever they needed from each camera setup and follow that different eye after the fact. a painstaking process where you have to follow this thing frame by frame. “

Lucky the Pizza Dog was introduced in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s 2012 Hawk Eye comic series. Originally named Arrow, the hapless pooch was owned by the abusive Ivan Banionis, slum lord and member of the so-called Tracksuit Mafia criminal gang. Clint Barton had befriended Arrow, and when the Archer clashed with the tracksuits, Arrow rushed to Clint’s defense and attacked the gang.

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The dog’s heroic actions nearly cost him his life, and not wanting to just let him die, Clint made sure that Arrow received the proper vet care. As the dog recovered, his serious injuries cost him an eye. So Clint renamed him Lucky and adopted him as his own.

Later in the series, Kate Bishop moved in with Clint, but the two struggled and Kate later moved out, taking Lucky with her.

Hawk Eye on Disney + is loosely based on the Fraction and Aja series and takes place just before Christmas, when Clint faces enemies from his past as he struggles to try to get home to his family before the holidays. The first two episodes of the series will air on November 24.

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