Heartbroken Dog Owner Shares ‘Proof’ Her Faithful Pet Ghost Appears With Incredible Photo


Woman claims to have seen her dog’s ghost in an incredible photo after his death last month.

Angelita Casale, 34, from the US state of Arizona, posted a photo on Reddit showing a dark dog-like shape next to her.

She captioned the image: “I think that’s proof he’s always by my side.”

The Daily Express reports that Casale said she had previously ‘always been intrigued by ghosts, but had never seen any with my own eyes’, until she saw the photo taken by the security camera. from his house.

The 34-year-old woman had gone out with her husband one evening and when they got home they “didn’t notice or feel anything and went in for the night.”

Rocky died aged nine in August, leaving the pet owner devastated

A few days later, however, Casale’s husband looked at the security camera footage and noticed an image.

The image shows the woman outside, with bright light obscuring part of the image and what could be the fuzzy shape of a dog at her feet.

“I realized the shape looked like Rocky,” Casale said. “I started to cry tears of joy because of what I was seeing. Rocky was a very loyal dog who was by our side constantly.

Angelita Casale maintains that there is a dark dog-like shape next to her in this image
Angelita Casale maintains that there is a dark dog-like shape next to her in this image

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She added: “All his life we ​​worked from home, so he was always under our feet, and as soon as our older boys (aged 16 and 11) came home from school he spent the rest of the day. day and night with them. “

Many people took to Reddit for comment on its post with their own experiences of pets appearing to come back as ghosts.

According to a survey by Animal Friends, 40% of pet owners believe they have received or will be visited by the spirit of their former pet.

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