Heartless pet owners throw stranded puppies away after pretending to be stray


Heartless pet owners disguise unwanted dogs they received during the lockdown as stray for rescue centers to welcome them, animal rescuers have revealed.

Animal shelters are concerned about the growing number of dogs presented as stray by owners who purchased them during the pandemic and can no longer care for them.

The purchase of locked out pets has skyrocketed as families spend more time at home or as professionals seek the company of a four-legged friend while working from home.

But when the world reopened, many pet owners realized they weren’t able to continue caring for their new furry companions.

To avoid long waiting lists in place for people wanting to abandon their pets, centers were inundated with phone calls from pet owners claiming their unwanted dogs were in fact stray dogs.

Owners who detained dogs took them back to rescue centers

Vanessa Waddon, founder of Hope Rescue in Wales, said more than three million pets were purchased in Britain during the pandemic.

New figures released this week by the RSPCA reveal that 4,877 dogs across the country were relocated last year, despite the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown.

She added: “At the moment, rescuers are in difficulty because of the fallout from the pandemic.

“The fact that 3.2 million pets were purchased during the pandemic, it will be inevitable that we start to see some of these animals surrender to be saved.

“The types of dogs we are welcoming now are a bit more picky – so these are dogs with house and behavior issues, dogs that may have been purchased during the lockdown, when this huge demand was met in part, by low welfare ranchers.

According to Vanessa, many unscrupulous breeders don’t carefully match the right dog with the right owner, which means dogs often end up in need of relocation.

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Vanessa continued, “At the Hope Rescue Center we currently have 154 dogs – more than we’ve ever had in our 16 year history – so what some owners are doing is because we’re Usually obligated to accommodate stray dogs, they’re actually claiming their dog is a stray dog.

“So either they call us to see if we can take the dog and if we have to say no, they deliberately abandon it as if it were a stray dog.”

“And others claim they are stray and ask the dog sitter if they can come and get him, or potentially drop him off and pretend he’s been found.”

“While we don’t have 100% evidence, there is a lot that indicates these incidents are happening. “

dog at the rescue center
Owners pass dogs off as stray dogs

The center has hosted a number of stray animals, but due to telltale signs they believe they were in fact unwanted pets designed to look like stray animals, Vanessa said.

Although the Hope Rescue charity has pledged to rehouse as many stray animals as possible, their vet fees are expected to reach £ 200,000 this year.

For some pet owners, the cost of keeping a dog can come as a shock, and in some cases, people find it cheaper to throw out their pets, rather than face vet bills.

This means that instead of receiving treatment, some dogs have been left in agony unnecessarily for weeks.

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