Hemp Chews Are Good For Anxious Dogs, But Exercise Will Calm Them Too

I read your column on how to use CBD and hemp products to help your dog or cat with pain, mobility, and anxiety. I haven’t used hemp as a joint supplement, but have been giving my large older dog glucosamine daily. A lab mix, he loved to travel but became anxious during the last two years of his life. He also feared loud noises such as thunder and fireworks. Hemp chews helped reduce but not alleviate his symptoms. Unfortunately, my sweet Luc passed away from lymphoma when he was almost 12 years old. He was very playful until the last two weeks of his life, so I think the glucosamine was effective.

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Now I have Phoenix, a one year old Schnauzer mix. He recently had car sickness on the first leg of a trip. We stopped and brought him some hemp chews. This fixed the problem for the rest of the 700 mile trip. After reading your review, I wonder if I should use it as a daily supplement. As a young terrier, Phoenix is ​​very active. A calmer demeanor would probably make us both happier.


Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with these products. After saying that I had never used hemp products, I immediately realized that was not true. I used hemp products many years ago for a very noise phobic dog. She was still shaking during thunderstorms and fireworks, but I think that eased her symptoms somewhat.

Because hemp products are available over the counter, they’re easy enough for any pet owner with anxious, noise-phobic, or car-sick dogs. Terriers are notoriously energetic, but yearling dogs of any breed also need plenty of exercise for good mental and physical health. So while I don’t think you need to give him the supplements you can if you want, as long as you also increase his daily exercise (walks are best) to exhaust him physically and mentally. The more exercise a dog gets, the more relaxed he is in life in general.

Dear Cathy,

Thanks for putting together such a great story about Thor, the badly injured rescue kitten thriving in his new home. The lady who asked about the little kitten made me cry “old eyes”. She has a beautiful mind and is a true angel. Thank you for taking the time to bring this story to life. It can help people realize what the entire San Antonio Humane Society does for the animal community.

John, Lisa, Cleo, Mama Tabby, Loki, Thor, Mama Siamese and, of course, “Lefty”

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Dear John,

I agree. The San Antonio Humane Society does amazing work helping animals in the community. And from the looks of your pet family, you also seem to be doing your part to help animals. Thanks for writing.

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