Here are the 10 most destructive dog breeds that will chew anything they can get their paws on

Many of us have decided to welcome new puppies into our homes in the past 18 months – according to Kennel Club the number of dog owners has climbed nearly eight percent – and the demand for four-legged friends after the lockdown remains high.

There are 221 different breeds of purebred dog to choose from, alongside many crossesso there is a lot of thought to do before selecting the latest addition to your family.

There’s even academic advice to seek out, with psychologist Stanley Coren’s book “The Intelligence of Dogs” categorizing breeds by instinct, obedience, and adaptability.

One thing to take into consideration is that some dog breeds can have a destructive streak that can see them chewing on everything from socks to furniture.

Sometimes it’s just because they’re young, sometimes because they’re bored, sometimes it’s because they haven’t exercised enough, and sometimes it’s just because they are. want.

Chances are your pet will come out of a chewing phase, but if you want to avoid tooth marks on your belongings, then certain dogs are best avoided.

Here are the 10 dog breeds that are most likely to be destructive.

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