Honey, I ‘Shrunk3D’ Kids

Honey I “3D shrunk” kids – for real!

Well, sort of. Your children will always be human-sized, but now you can make a “3D shrunk” four to nine inch figurine of them!

You can visit their website by clicking here link, but the basic process involves you, or anyone, entering into “The Shrunk3D Booth.” Their scanning booth takes 190 photos of you. It creates a high resolution 3D image of you. You choose the size of the replica you prefer. They send the image to their 3D printer. And then you will receive your “reduced 3D” figurine in 3-4 weeks!

There is now a fully mobile Reduced3D photo booth here in the Vegas valley. They recently opened at 203 Water Street South in Henderson. The best part is that you don’t have to go to them like you would to a typical photo studio. Pretty soon, you’ll see their mobile photo booth pop up at a party or gathering near you.

It will soon be the hottest trend for all celebrations: weddings, birthdays, graduations, corporate parties, sporting events, proms, conventions, retirement parties, baby gender reveal parties, ceremonies award ceremony and family photos. Even if you just want a photo of your beloved pet as a keepsake, Reduced3D will make it happen.

Shrunk3D Las Vegas owner and operator Sonya Milana explains, “We have couples creating figurines for cake toppers, pet owners posing with their furry friends, and parents snapping their grad or athlete.”

You can contact Reduced3D by phone at 725-268-8030, or by email at [email protected]. Check out some of the cool photos Reduced3D sent to us for you to see below.

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