How old is your dog in human years?


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Wondering how old your dog is? Most pet lovers may have heard the old adage that one human year equals seven dog years, but the Dogs Trust’s findings reveal that things aren’t that simple.

In fact, Dr Naomi Harvey, Research Director at Dogs Trust and Honorary Associate Professor of Companion Animal Behavior and Welfare at the University of Nottingham, has reviewed the scientific literature on aging in dogs – and it is very interesting.

What did the research find?

According to Naomi’s findings, dogs mature faster than us, with many one-year-old dogs already reaching adulthood. “Most will have reached puberty or are nearing their end, so they are certainly not the equivalent of a seven-year-old,” Naomi adds.

“A quick internet search reveals that there are many dog ​​age calculators available online. Most generally agree that a dog who just turned one year old is equivalent to a human around 15 years old. years, although these age calculators usually adjust their calculations based on how long certain breeds are expected to live. “

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Naomi concluded that there is some evidence to suggest that a one-year-old dog is just coming out of puberty (meaning you can compare him to a 15-year-old). Elsewhere, she has found that dogs don’t become mature adults until they are two years old (which equates to around 25 years of age).

Dogs can be considered to be entering their third age at the age of seven and can be classified as geriatric (a stage of aging where poor health or death becomes most likely) when they reach the age of 12. years.

On top of that, Naomi discovered that some breeds live shorter lives than others, so it’s common to adjust a dog’s age category based on their breed expectancy.

“Some dog breeds are expected to have a shorter lifespan, with some, like the Great Dane, having an average life expectancy of only six years in the UK,” says Naomi. “In terms of health, these dogs decline rapidly, which means they need additional veterinary care when they are much younger than other dogs.

“But while their bodies can be affected by health issues when they are still young, there is no evidence that short lived breeds age in the truest sense, because behaviorally they seem follow the same trajectory as other dogs. In other words, ephemeral dog breeds don’t age faster, they just die younger. ”

Are you looking to calculate the age of your dog? This shows that things are really not as simple as you think …

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