HPD receives generous donation to train and certify dogs for the performance of their duties


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The Honolulu Police Department received a special donation for their canine unit on Saturday.

Parts for a new obstacle course at a training facility in Waipahu were donated by Spike’s K9 Fund, an organization founded by retired Special Warfare Operator James Hatch, who was seriously injured during a deployment.

Spike the dog saved Hatch’s life and lost his.

Police and volunteers worked to put the course together to train and certify their dogs.

HPD said this generous donation was very much needed as their old equipment was almost 20 years old and consisted of vinyl, which deteriorates easily.

“He had to be replaced immediately because we didn’t want any of the dogs to get hurt or hurt,” HPD Sgt. Brad Heatherly said.

“Our training is extremely important because the obstacle course is part of our annual certification. We have to certify with the obstacle course – this is part of what we demand from managers. “

Officers said the obstacle course features platforms, gates, fences and walls that mimic the situations dogs can encounter on the ground.

“You can’t just walk a dog to a problem without first training it, so this equipment will help us simulate that. Having equipment is a huge thing and donating it is even better, ”said Pete Jones, an officer in the Specialized Services division.

Jones said the dogs who work in the service are real heroes.

“It’s not just a pet, it actually sacrifices itself to protect our lives,” he said.

“These dogs, they don’t even understand why they’re doing it. They do it just to make us happy. They don’t even know they are risking their lives and doing it without even questioning themselves is a huge and huge bond that a handler has with his dog.

Jones and his canine hunter were both shot in the line of duty, but luckily they were both able to recover from their injuries and return to duty.

The HPD said that although dogs are not used often, they are essential for locating suspects and searching places dangerous for officers.

“He will be able to save the lives of other people and our officers will be able to return home because he is ready to sacrifice his life,” Jones said.

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