“I turned to cam girl work after losing my job during lockdown”


Seven weeks ago Bethany, a former Plymouth finance and human resources manager, was sitting nervously in her bedroom.

Dressed in black lingerie and a matching kimono, she was about to take her first call as a webcam model.

“I logged in and thought ‘please no one is calling me’,” she said Tyla. “I was getting stressed out about the lighting situation because it wasn’t an attractive light. I was like ‘okay, I’m not doing this, I’m going offline’.

“Then a call came in and I sat and looked at it for a few seconds. I thought ‘I can’t help but answer it’.”

“When I finally did it, someone said ‘Hi, how are you?’ And that was it … “

Bethany is a former finance and human resources manager (Credit: Bethany / Off The Record)

Bethany, 27, has since worked as a webcam model (aka cam girl) five days a week since, which she has resumed since losing her finance job following the coronavirus lockdown.

With a degree in business administration and finance, Bethany had held positions as an analyst and accountant since graduating from college, and recently started a new job as a finance and human resources manager for a company in hairstyle on March 9.

But only three weeks after landing her exciting new role, everything changed.

A week after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the lockdown of the country on March 22, Bethany’s company began announcing holidays.

Despite joining before the government deadline, Bethany had not been officially added to the company’s payroll at that time. Caught by the frustrating loophole, she was not eligible for the leave, so she was fired instead.

Bethany is consistently in the top five for her agency's earnings (Bethany / Off The Record)
Bethany is consistently in the top five for her agency’s earnings (Bethany / Off The Record)

Stuck without a job and facing widespread hiring freezes due to the pandemic, Bethany found herself increasingly worried about money.

“I was like ‘Okay, I’m literally not getting paid at all, I have no income,'” she recalls.

Bethany recalled that a friend of hers had tried modeling a few years before and spoke enthusiastically about the kind of money she made.

Diving into the unknown, Bethany signed up with Off The Record Cam Model Management, a UK-based modeling agency.

“I considered applying for universal credit, but financially it didn’t make sense. I would have received £ 70 per week from job seekers, whereas now I am earning £ 2,000 per week.”

Bethany earns up to £ 2,000 a week (Credit: Shutterstock)
Bethany earns up to £ 2,000 a week (Credit: Shutterstock)

In the seven weeks since that crucial first call, Bethany has consistently found herself in the top five earners on Off The Record.

Currently, she takes 50 percent of all profit she makes – a percentage that could rise to 65 percent overtime. And from his average weekly income, it’s not a small amount.

“This week I won £ 4,000 so I have (to keep) £ 2,000 and I probably got my breasts out twice,” she admits.

“Below waist, I’ve probably done it a handful of times since I started. I’ll never show anything if they’ve been on for an hour, and it’s £ 2.99 a minute.”

While many women might balk at the idea of ​​undressing in front of a stranger, Bethany enjoyed “the chance to explore and really open up”, insisting that “I am completely myself in front of the camera. “.

Bethany has only told his girlfriend, sister and a few friends about what she does (Credit: Bethany / Off The Record)
Bethany has only talked about what she does to his girlfriend, sister and a few friends (Credit: Bethany / Off The Record)

“I appreciate it. Of course, there are days when you log in and get…” she pauses. “It all depends on the type of customer you attract.

Asked about her clientele, Bethany reveals that she tends to attract “mainly businessmen”.

Surprisingly, she reveals that “nine times out of 10” she doesn’t need to be explicit when making calls or taking her clothes off. Most of the time, his clients just want to chat.

“I had a guy who just wanted to practice his standing routine and wanted an honest review, another guy who I just sat down and talked about RV trips,” she says.

Bethany recalls a memorable group call with eight men where she barely had to speak. “They were all chatting about what kind of pizza they liked,” she laughs. In other calls, she talks at length about her hobbies, such as rugby, kayaking, and traveling.

“I’ve literally worn it before as a t-shirt and a hoodie and they think it’s awesome,” Bethany says. “Of course you get the guys coming in and going ‘boobs please’ and you’re like ‘oh my gosh …’

“I’ve kicked people out before who did it because I’m like, it’s really rude.”

She says
She says “nine times out of 10”, she doesn’t have to undress (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Having a job that relies on a webcam and a stable internet connection might once have been the preserve of webcam models and online language teachers – but now it’s the new normal for many of us.

Has the current Zoom culture affected the industry, or rather, how do people itch when it comes to online sex?

“The guys will call me when they’re sitting in video calls with their work and you can see them on a conference call. They’ll ‘distract me’,” Bethany reveals.

Even more alarming, Bethany says she has seen an increase in requests for “silent calls” since the lockdown.

“Because a lot of guys are at home with their girlfriends or partners, they have a hard time connecting,” she explains. “Many of them will email you asking for what is called a ‘silent call’.”

She explains that this is where instead of a back and forth conversation, the customer puts on a pair of headphones and remains silent (“they don’t say a single word”) while the cam girl proposes. sweets classified X..

This means that men can be quietly on the phone while their partners are at home or – as an even more desperate thought – in the same room.

(Credit: Bethany / Off The Record)
(Credit: Bethany / Off The Record)

Bethany has only told a few friends about her new job, her sister and partner Sarah *, with whom she lives.

She says Sarah “couldn’t be more sympathetic” to her decision to start filming, and believes they’ve even found a “deeper connection” since she started.

While she has slight reservations about the stigma that modeling carries before starting, Bethany wants people to know that her job isn’t just about her reputation.

“It’s not that kind of lousy thing that everyone thinks it is,” she says. “Nine times out of 10 for me, it’s a conversation about people’s hobbies. I can talk about this stuff all day long.”

* Bethany’s girlfriend’s name has been changed upon request.

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