Ice cream and refreshing products for dogs are selling on the shelves of Bromsgrove Just For Pets


Anxious dog owners in Worcestershire have been stripping shelves of pet cooling products since a dog died of heat exhaustion at Bromsgrove.

Bromsgrove’s Just For Pets store saw its stocks of cooling mats and bandanas sell out as soon as a delivery is made this week, while dog ice cream and frozen yogurt are “selling like hot cakes.”

A dog collapsed and died of heat exhaustion on Sunday while being walked at Tardebigge Reservoir, prompting the RSPCA not to walk the dogs during the heatwave.

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Sam Caseley, Assistant Store Manager at Just For Pets in Bromsgrove, said: “This week has seen a massive increase in sales of refreshing products, dog ice cream and pet water toys. Part of this is because many people are more aware of overheating dogs because there has been a blanket of pets that are ill and dying of heat exhaustion.

“As soon as we receive a delivery, the shelves of cooling products sell out. In a typical summer week, we can sell one in two a week, but we have between five and 10 products of each size, and they are all exhausted.

“This week we’re selling more dog ice cream than anything else, but it’s really hot!”

Pet owners have shared their ideas on how to keep their dogs cool as temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius in Worcestershire during the heatwave.

They include giving the dogs popsicles, which look like a popsicle, and putting them in wading pools.

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