Internet-obsessed as Golden Retriever helps owner trim cat’s claws

A pet owner has left the internet in stitches after sharing an inventive way to get the cat to sit still to get its claws trimmed.

In a viral video with over 12 million views, TikTok user justin.vevina shared how dog Vevina helped clip the cat’s claws by holding it down.

The hilarious clip shows the cat looking considerably annoyed by the nail clippers and a scratch on the owner’s arm, likely from a previous attempt to groom the feline.

But the Golden Retriever dog comes to the rescue, trotting into the bathroom with a cardboard box which he soon holds above the cat while the human gently cuts the cat’s claws.

“The dog understood the mission,” said a commenter on the viral video. While another reply read, “Love your little helper. He’s so adorable.”

The Humane Society of the United States says that your cat’s claw trimming is an important part of maintaining your pet’s health, in addition to protecting you, your pet, and your furniture.

But trimming claws is not always an easy task. The Humane Society says, “If you approach a cat with a sharp object in one hand while trying to grab a paw with the other, chances are you’ll come in empty-handed.”

Anyone who has spent time with a cat knows that their temperament can vary widely, and so there is no right or wrong way to clip a cat’s claws: “Some cats do well without any restraint”, says The Humane Society: “But most cats need to be held firmly but gently to make sure no one gets hurt.”

Earlier this year, another cat’s dramatic reaction to having its claws trimmed also drew viral attention when Scottish Fold cat Munchkin Fitzgerald Grant received millions of views after claiming to be incredibly upset after having his claws clipped. claws.

If you’re trimming your cat’s nails at home, it’s important to take expert advice and ask your veterinarian for help if you’re unsure. The Humane Society also notes that, “If you can’t get all 10 claws clipped at once, don’t worry. Few cats stay patient for more than a few minutes, so take what you can get.”

“The dog looks so scared this box is not enough,” said another response on the viral TikTok video. While one commenter wrote: “[The] dogs like I’ll pay for it later.”

“That’s what I call a partnership,” another viewer wrote.

“I love the doggy looks like he’s saying ‘I don’t like this man, I don’t think we should do this’,” another commenter joked.

Newsweek has contacted justin.vevina for comment.

A file photo of a Golden Retriever dog looking at the camera, left, and a close-up of a cat with its claws clipped, right. The internet has been left in turmoil after a dog was caught helping its owner trim the cat’s claws.
mynewturtle/Daria Kulkova/Getty Images

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