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Logan Township police will reactivate one of its two K9 teams on Monday, after a 4.5-month suspension following the dog’s attack on a tow truck driver.

According to Police Chief Dave Reese, the couple have undergone extensive local training and recertification, and department leadership is confident the couple are ready to interact with the public again.

The department ordered the conversion after an internal investigation “who assessed certain discrepancies”, said Reese.

When asked if the discrepancies involved the performance of the dog or the handler, Reese hesitated.

“The K9 is a unit,” said the chief. “They are one. They must work in sync.

The attack happened early June 30 along I-99 after a tour bus from Virginia broke down and its child passengers were taken to a local hotel, according to Gavin Knisely, the trailer driver.

One of Logan Township’s K9 units had responded to the scene and the dog handler let the dog out of his vehicle “Go to the bathroom” — unleashed, Knisely said.

The dog stood in front of the tow truck, Knisely looked at him, the dog handler “screamed something”, Knisely turned to the handler’s voice, then the dog “came after me” Knisely said.

The dog bit Knisely’s arm and back.

“No idea why,” Knisely said. “I did nothing wrong.”

The handler ordered the dog to let go, but the dog did not obey. “The cop had to hug the dog to get him to let me go” Knisely said.

The officer apologized, Knisely said.

Knisely went to the hospital, where medical staff used six stitches to close the wound on his arm, while cleaning the wound in his posterior, he said.

“Not too awful” Knisely said. “But not fun.”

He ended up with a prominent scar on his arm.

Both Reese and Knisely declined to identify which of the township’s K9 teams were involved. These teams undergo monthly training, according to Reese.

The department did not take the attack “slightly,” said Reese.

“We all collaborated a lot to understand where we needed to be,” he said. “I think we did what we had to do.”

The Mirror’s staff writer, William Kibler, is at 814-949-7038.

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