Kennelmaster Delivers Healthy Dog Treats To Pet Parents


Pet Age recently spoke to Vicki Wagner, who purchased Kennel master Foods in 2012 with his sister Joann Bennett.

Can you tell us what motivates you to produce the Kennel master treats you make?

Kennel master the treats were a top rated seller in my Silly Willie’s retail store. We have had tremendous success with our clients for the origin Doggie Chicken Chips That, at the time, was the only product Kennel master Foods manufactured. When we heard that the owner was going outside business and we go to lose the Beloved Chicken Chips, We Knew We Couldn’t Let This Happen, so we bought Kennel master Food and started producing them ourselves. Our plan was to produce enough to supply Silly Willie’s and a few loyal customers. However, tThe popularity of doggie chicken chips landed Chip’s Naturals products in over 700 locations min all the countries. Knowing that we provided such a healthy treat that dogs couldn’t get enough of was all the motivation we needed to expand the Chip’s Naturals line by developing more treats, just as healthy and popular. such as Sweet Taters, Beefy Bites, Liver Slivers and, our newest product, Hickory smoked chicken stix. We are vitally involved in daily production and know we will never tire of hearing comments like, “Keep those doggie chicken chips coming because my dog ​​won’t eat any other treats.”! It brings great satisfaction knowing that we have created a research range of treats our customers trust. Customers have told us that selling our Doggie Chicken Chips pays their rent. It’s something unique and special.

Why did you choose to opt for the dehydration process for the manufacture of your sweets? And what are the benefits of single-ingredient or limited-ingredient dog treats?

We prefer the dehydration process for our treats because by dehydrating you get the nutritional benefits of raw meat while removing dangerous pathogens found in raw meat. The process alone is a method of preservation, so preservatives and artificial ingredients are not needed. Single-ingredient pet treats have become a necessary part of pet nutrition, which retailers can’t deny. Pet owners demonstrate this every day in their efforts to avoid artificial, potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients, as well as in their desire to give their pets plenty of treats. As a result, the demand for single ingredient treats is higher than ever.

Do you think candy wrappers play an important role with consumers?

Absoutely.That much, it took over me six month to to bring Chicken Chips in my store after it was initially introduced to them. I didn’t like the look of the packaging and knew, if they were going to be a big seller, I would have do a lot to convince my clients and sample at theI dogs. As soon as I acquired the business, I changed the packaging.

With a degree in graphic design and a bit of OCD, I started to develop our brand. A The crucial element in driving our growth is the way our products are presented. We have a dedicated marketing team who work tirelessly on our brand recognition and bring my ideas production. Oyou are beautiful the packaging design is bright, colorful, highly visible and compliments every product throughout the line. The first impression is everything. Our loyal customers greatly benefit from our brightly colored packaging because it is instantly recognizable. They get used to our look and immediately know when they have a package of our treats in hand and their dog.

What new treats have you recently launched or will hit the market later this year?

Kennel master Foods have worked hard to develop a treat in the fish category that would follow the Chip’s Naturals model of single or low ingredient treats. We are delighted to present our new unique ingredient Salmon snacks for dogs early this fall. Along with the obvious benefits of providing a vitamin-rich treat and a healthy skin and coat that promotes Omega-3 we knew this when we offered a salmon treat, than dogs and cats really liked, we would have an awesome gift for the pets that couldn’t eat our chicken or beef treats. Those all natural, 100 percent pure wild salmoncrispy dehydrated treats will quickly become the new favorite to treat, in fleas Naturals Line.

What is a partnership with Kennel master look like for retailers?

We focus on having our Chip’s Naturals Treats in pet stores and independent shops, expert groomers and veterinarians in the pet industry. Our authorized retailers vary local mom and pop stores to your favorite veternal office To mnational channels. All oF our retailers to have to go through a rigorous approval process before can to become a authorized retailer. We want our products represented by pet professionals that we know can appreciate the value associated with produce superior quality treats. To protect our retailers from sellers erode the value of our products by offering price discounts We do not allow the sale of our products in big box stores, clearance sellers, flea markets or outdoors suppliers, and we also do not allow sales on third-party websites such as Etsy, eBay, and Chewy. Amazon sales are only done through exclusively Amazon approved svendors and are closely watched by a professional outside the firm.We are very accessible to our retail partners for assistance and have a wide range of marketing materials that they can use in their own marketing. The relationships we have with our retailers are of the utmost importance to us andD we believe this is proven by our transparency, honesty and dedication to our long return clients.

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