Learn more about our 4-legged Latin friends


When you think of dog breeds from Latin America, your mind might automatically turn to a yelping Chihuahua from Mexico. Well, Latin America includes Central America, South America, and many islands in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and they are home to many wonderful dog breeds that you may not be familiar with.

The personalities of these animals can vary from four-legged social friends to herding dogs to loyal companions. Many of these dogs can be great lifelong partners for families or individuals. Mixed dog breeds are often best for families because they adapt more easily to their surroundings.



We all probably know something about Latin America’s most popular dog breed. They are one of the oldest dog breeds that originated in Mexico and were developed by the Aztec people. In their compact body and short muzzle, they are bursting with energy and fiery personality. Their big dog energy is demonstrated through expressions and demeanor.


Also known as Xolos, they are Mexican hairless dogs. It is pronounced “show-low-eats-QUEENT-lee”. It is another breed that dates back to the Aztecs. They are considered the national dog of Mexico. They are excellent watchdogs, just like Dante’s coco! Their hairless resulting from a genetic mutation, the Xolos of the same litter can come with hair, partially or with mixed hair, or entirely hairless.

Dogo Argentino

Now we go further south past Central America to Argentina, where these dogs originated from. They are strong dogs with many impressive qualities. They are considered a relatively new breed of dogs, established only in the 1920s. They are great for families with older children as they are loyal, protective and patient. These dogs need a lot of daily exercise and social interaction.


Havanese are the only breed of dog native to Cuba. They are cheerful little dogs with a spring with every step they take. They may be small, but they have lively personalities. They are sociable companions who are also closely related to the Bichon Frize. While they don’t need a lot of space to move around, their flowing locks take time and care. With their playful personalities, they are naturally extroverted.

Brazilian terrier

They are the descendants of a mixture of Jack Russells, Parson Russells, Fox Terriers and Chihuahuas. These mixed breeds are beautiful and very intelligent. Full of dynamic energy, they love to play for hours at the end. These good-natured dogs are also excellent at catching vermin, a skill useful in an agricultural powerhouse like Brazil.

Chilean terrier

Another beautiful mixed breed can be found in the country of Chile. They are rarely found outside their country of origin. They are a mix of British fox terrier and Chilean dogs. They are considered to be well-rounded, elegant and affectionate towards families. Although they are smaller, their fur coats are predominantly white with black and brown markings.

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