Letter: Don’t Buy Expensive Pooches

By Laura Ferguson

Update: 4 a few minutes ago Published: 4 a few minutes ago

Just say no!” to high house and mutt prices that people ask for $1,500 or $2,500 in the classifieds! It used to be that mixed breed puppies were given away for free and you were happy when a family took one away from you .

I want another dog and I almost growl when I see hundreds of classified ads online describing these wonderful puppies as a corgi/poodle or a husky/pitbull/mastiff as the perfect dog to give you thousands of dollars for these amazing breeds mixed. Purebred dogs cost less than dogs put together to make a lot of money. Don’t buy them, and within four months these “breeders” will be overwhelmed with eight or ten puppies that cost a fortune to feed as they grow. In the absence of takers, they will continue to lower the price until they are no longer cash cows and are once again lovable pooches that are free or very low cost.

But I think maybe all those new dog breeders who had time to raise $20,000 for a litter of alphabet puppies are the same people who nodded and bought a $600,000 house that cost $300,000 $ two years ago.

—Laura Ferguson


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