Local Animal Rescue needs funds to save puppies and moms

A West Richland animal rescue needs our help to rescue several puppies and their mothers.

Hope 4 Huskies recently welcomed two pregnant dogs who gave birth to fifteen (15) puppies. Currently, there are a total of 21 puppies in need of assistance at the shelter.

According to the fundraising page:

We are strictly host family based and dependent on donations, host families and the community. We have almost wiped out what little funds we had to set up the shelter’s FAB 4 and still have 15 puppies to medically treat from injections to spaying and neutering.

The Hope 4 Huskies Rescue is dedicated to the repatriation of Siberian Huskies and other Snowdogs.

While the rescue is based in Tri-Cities, the group serves the entire Pacific Northwest. The group’s mission is to educate the public about responsible Husky ownership and raise awareness of the breed’s special qualities. The goal is to reduce the number of neglected and abused Siberian Huskies in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

Hope 4 Huskies operates on an exclusive volunteer basis and is currently seeking foster families. Of course, the hope is to get the dogs adopted.

In a recent Facebook post, Hope 4 Huskies had the following:

We accept applications for all of our dogs, including puppies and moms. Puppies and moms will not be coming home until they are fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered, just like the rest of our dogs are before adoption. Please share so we can spread the word about our adoptable dogs and find the perfect homes for them! We look forward to hearing from you and matching you with the perfect family member.

To donate, click the button below.

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