Lou the coonhound breaks record for longest ears on a dog


Lou, three years old, is a black and tan coonhound dog. He is a sweet, sassy, ​​intelligent and now record breaking puppy.

It was love at first sight for its owner Paige Olsen (USA). She just couldn’t say no to her adoption!

Paige always joked that Lou’s ears are “wildly long”.

However, it was only by sheltering in place during the pandemic that she decided to measure them.

It turns out that Lou did break the record for the longest ears of a dog (alive) with each ear measuring 34 cm (13.38 in).

His feat even earned him a place in the new Guinness World Records 2022 delivered.

“Lou is a black and tan coonhound dog, and everyone should have ears that extend to at least the tip of their nose.” explains Paige.

Lou The longest ears of a dog living with its owner and book GWR2022

“All black and tan coonhounds have beautiful long ears, some are just longer than others.”

“Their long ears drag on the ground and give off smells as they stalk across the field. This makes them perfect for following long, very old or ‘cold’ trails that other dog breeds can’t detect.”

Lou’s ears surprisingly don’t require any special maintenance due to their length, according to Paige, who is a veterinarian technician. Lou The longest ears of a dog living with a snood

She checks them once a month for cleanliness and, in the winter, uses a snood (a dog ear warmer) to keep Lou’s ears from hanging out in the snow.

She mentions that the snood is “more to make me feel better than you really need!”

Paige shares that Lou has fans everywhere she goes. After seeing people’s reactions, it’s obvious Lou’s ears are very easy to admire!

Lou's record holder for longest ears on a live dog standing in the backyard

“People are always wondering about race. Coonhounds are not very common in this area so I have the opportunity to educate a lot of people about the breed.

“Of course everyone wants to touch their ears, it’s very easy to fall in love with just one sighting.”

“To kiss [your pet’s] uniqueness and love them always. “- Paige Olsen

Lou with flower crown The longest ears of a living dog

When she isn’t winning the world with her fantastic ears, Lou is a competitor and has received American Kennel Club and Rally Obedience titles.

In his spare time, Lou enjoys many adventures with his mother.

Paige says she’s even a “wonderful wine-tasting companion” when she goes to the wineries with her friends.

Lou at the beach The longest ears of a living dog

All of Lou’s close friends and family are thrilled with Lou’s title and its place in the new book.

Paige shares that they “can’t wait to have her paw-digraph!” and adds that she is “proud of the little furry munchkin (80 lbs) for being so special!”

Find the adorable Lou on the pages of Guinness World Records 2022, available now!

Lou The longest ears of a dog living in a tulip field

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