Luminescent Moon Theater moves from Massillon to Doylestown

DOYLESTOWN – Welcome to your audition to see if the Luminescent Moon Theater is going to be a big hit in the village.

And your name is?

“My last name is Crock, but everyone calls me Molly Marie, I’ve been called Molly Marie since I was young.”

OK, Molly Marie, show us what you got.

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As she walks down an aisle with seats on both sides – enough for around 45 people – towards her stage, she points out that it’s a “pretty long” stage at 27 feet.

“The cool thing about the theater here is that we can move our stage panels around and change the audience layout to make it a black box theater or put the stage in the middle. …it’s quite mobile and I love our brick wall. We’ll be doing musicals, plays, workshops, dancing – all kinds of cool stuff here.

Molly Marie Crock gives advice to 11-year-old Adalyn Morrow during a recent acting lesson at the Luminescent Moon Theater in downtown Doylestown.

We see that the 1,200 square foot space also has two locker rooms and is located downtown at 64 1/2 N. Portage St.

Tell us why you chose to open your theater company last month in Doylestown, which, with a population of around 3,000, isn’t exactly the kind of place you usually see such a business?

“This place is perfect. I really like it. It’s bigger than what I had before. And I love the city here, it’s a family city, which I discovered through my research on Doylestown.”

Molley Marie Crock stands in front of his new theater, the Luminescent Moon Theater, at 84 1/2 N. Portage St. in Doylestown, where he moved from Massillon.

Had a theater company in Massillon with shows at the Lions Lincoln Theater

Our research indicates that you were in Massillon, performing at the Lions Lincoln Theater and having space in town until the owner passed away. With so much up in the air about this space, you decided to move north to Massillion, where you had been since 2019, because a lot of your students and a lot of people who went there for auditions were coming from places like Orrville, Wooster and Akron. Have we forgotten something about your stay in Massillon?

“When we started, we started with ‘Anne Frank’ at the Lions Lincoln Theater and the church I went to allowed me to use their space to rehearse. We did a one-off show at the Lions Lincoln Theater. After that, I was blessed and it took off and it really brought the community together.”

Molly Marie Crock gives 11-year-old Adalynn Morrow some direction during practice at the Luminesent Moon Theater in downtown Doylestown.

One of your references, Abby Witherstine, said she’s been working with you since that “Anne Frank” production, teaching acting classes, doing voice lessons, and helping with other productions.

Witherstine said she was happy to be back in the Canton area where her family was living at the time to audition and star in the play “Anne Frank” after performing in New York in off-Broadway productions and Broadway and now wants to share her acting talent. teaching it to others.

Here’s what she thinks of the chances of success of the Luminescent Moon Theater in Doylestown:

“I think we’re going to be fantastic. We’ve been blessed with everything we’ve done. It’s been based on faith and courage. … I’m really grateful to be part of this theater company and I can’t wait to see how far we can go with this and how it blesses others.”

Molly Marie Crock stands on the stage at her new theater in Doylestown, the Luminescent Moon Theatre.

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Another reference, Paul Maxhimer, an 84-year-old retired carpenter-welder from Massillon who produced all your scenographies, also thinks that the theater will do well in its new location.

With her job in New York and her high school education at Lincoln Park Performing Arts in Pennsylvania, Witherstine has an impressive resume at 21. Your resume, Molly Marie, is also impressive. And you’re only 23.

Resume includes Musical Theater at Tri-C, Orrville Community Theater

Your parents instilled a love of acting in you from an early age, taking you to many plays and even starring in some of your productions. After graduating from Fairless High School, you earned an associate degree in musical theater from Tri-C.

You are continuing your studies at Kent State Stark, but have decided to take a break to focus on your theater company, which includes not only Witherstine and Maxhimer, but also a productions manager and a dance choreographer.

And you’ve been teaching acting at Stark County Arts Life and Learning Schools since October.

The Luminescent Moon Theater is located on the second floor in downtown Doylestown.

It also says that you staged your first play with Orrville Community Theater and that’s when you decided you wanted to teach acting even more than performing.

What is it, you also have a love for astronomy and plan to get a degree when you go back to college, probably in the fall?

“I love astronomy. I love the moon, that’s how I got the name Luminescent Moon Theater.”

We see you have your first production in Doylestown, ‘Understanding Your Pet’ in May with auditions later this month and a dance workshop on April 23rd, anything else you would like to add, Molly Marie, before to conclude ?

“We hope to meet lots of friendly faces and tell lots of stories to the community. That’s theater – telling a story, sharing a story and making people walk away with a good feeling in their hearts.”

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