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YOUNGSTOWN — Tony A. Dabney Jr., 20, of Fairmont Avenue in Youngstown, was charged Thursday with two counts of felony assault, each with a firearm specification.

He is also charged with discharging a firearm at or near prohibited premises with a firearm specification, tampering with evidence, two counts of domestic violence and one count of endangerment of children.

The charges stem from an incident on April 17 at a flat in the 100 block of Shields Road in Boardman, in which Dabney is accused of shooting a gun at his girlfriend’s car as a child was inside.

The police found a casing on the street and recovered it as evidence. They later also found a gun in the apartment where Dabney had tried to go. The bullets in the gun matched the shell casing found by police on the street, a Boardman police report said.

The alleged victim said she took Dabney to Shields’ apartment that afternoon to shop for shoes. When she arrived, she realized it was Dabney’s ex-girlfriend’s apartment. The woman said she got angry and tried to drive away without Dabney, but Dabney hit the driver’s side front window with a silver handgun.

The woman put the car in reverse and started to drive away, but Dabney walked down the road and fired into the driver’s side rear door of her vehicle, the report said. She kept driving and left the area, she said. No one was hurt. She later discovered that the car had been shot.

A witness told police he saw Dabney fire the gun into the street and then walk towards an apartment.

Boardman Police were told Dabney checked into the Mahoning County Jail on July 18. He was later sentenced for felony assault and other charges brought against him in Mahoning County Court in Boardman on April 19.

The charges were referred to the grand jury at a preliminary hearing on August 9.


Christopher J. Pratt, 28, of Willis Avenue in Youngstown, was also charged with felony assault and aggravated threatening.

The charges stem from an Aug. 18 incident at a short-term residential care home on the first block of Willis Avenue on the south side.

Police were called to the home to a gun fight and spoke with the alleged victim. He said Pratt was angry with him over an incident earlier in the day involving a dog. He said Pratt tried to give away a stray dog.

But the alleged victim told the dog’s owner where he could find the animal and said Pratt had the animal, he told police. The alleged victim returned to Willis’ house after the owner picked up the dog, and Pratt was on the porch. Pratt approached the alleged victim while holding a knife and attempted to stab him, the alleged victim told police.

But he used a wooden chair as a shield to restrain Pratt, causing Pratt to throw the knife into the yard.

When officers spoke to Pratt, he said he had a nervous breakdown. The facility’s housing manager released a video of the incident. This corroborated the other man’s account of the episode, police said.


Others indicted Thursday by a Mahoning County grand jury are:

Anthony A. Harris, 28, Mahoning County Jail, domestic violence;

Marvin W. Harsch, 33, Mahoning County Jail, possession of a fentanyl-related compound and drug possession;

Terry’onne J. Rushton, 18, Ferndale Avenue, possession of weapons without a license, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, contributing to a child’s delinquency and obstructing official business;

Karlibeth N. Snyder, 33, Mahoning County Jail, Aggravated Drug Possession, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Fentanyl-Related Compounds, Theft, Vandalism and Tampering;

Jayden T. Jenkins, 21, Mahoning County Jail, tampering with evidence, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, obstructing official business with a firearm specification, and contributing to indiscipline or to the delinquency of a child;

Antonio D. Flores, 19 Glenwood Avenue, disobeying a police officer’s order, obstructing official business with a firearm specification, obstructing justice, and contributing to indiscipline or delinquency of ‘a kid ;

Dwayne A. Moody Jr., 32, Overland Avenue, evidence tampering, heroin possession, aggravated drug possession, and drug possession;

Michael A. Anderson, 27, Mathews Road, possession of a compound related to fentanyl;

Fabian Acevedo-Ramos, 31, Tremble Avenue, Campbell, possession of cocaine;

Brock J. Bailey Jr., 24, Mahoning County Jail, grand theft when property is a firearm and possession of weapons when unauthorized;

Jeffrey S. Hetherington, 25, Mahoning County Jail, disobeying a police officer’s order;

Tito Riley, 45, South Avenue, possessing unauthorized weapons and violating a protective order.

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