Man spends $15,791 on ultra-realistic dog costume

Because we all have dreams and everyone’s dreams are different, a Japanese man named Toko recently spent $15,791 on an ultra-realistic Border Collie costume so he could dress up as his favorite breed of dog. . Hey, different moves for different people – that’s what my favorite high school substitute teacher, Mrs. Gitland, used to tell us when she told a story about how her daughter raises ostriches in Arizona.

Toko hired Zeppet Workshop, a company known for its costume work in movies and TV as well as custom fur orders, to make the costume, which took more than 40 days to build through trial and error. According to a Zeppet employee, “Since the structure of the [human] skeleton is very different, we spent a lot of time studying how to make it look like a dog. Well, it is clear that all these studies have paid off because the result is strange. So weird that I’m not convinced it’s not a dog in a human costume wearing a dog costume.

It was smart to choose a Border Collie over a Chihuahua due to 1) the obvious size and 2) all that extra belly fur helping to hide the fact that there’s a grown man in there that has chose to spend $16,000 on a costume to look like a dog. Now, just to be clear, I’m not judging – if anything I’m just jealous, I don’t have the money to order the ultra-realistic turtle costume I’ve always dreamed of.

[via 9gag]

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