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“Serving abroad as a boy from a small town in America is intense, stressful and humorous! Enjoy a light history with me from our last 20 years abroad! “- Matt


Going out the front door for a morning run helps me set the pace for the day. In the United States, my wife and I like to run around the city sidewalks in the morning to see the different houses. We also loved running the country roads, but had too many not-so-good encounters with rampaging dogs.

We lived abroad in a place known for its very large and powerful dog breed. The breed was made illegal in Florida and California after pets killed their owners. These dogs are used for security. While going to a workplace once, I saw their dog lying in his shelter with a short chain. I started to walk slowly towards the company when the dog stood up, showing many chain feet below. I left for my vehicle and closed the door as the dog jumped past my window. I decided to leave and started to back down. The dog put his jaws around my entire hard black plastic front bumper and held on. My vehicle had tooth holes on the bottom and top of the bumper, where it had been punched to remember the event.

Probably my most dangerous dog encounter abroad was when I was on a small scooter. I got lost and started driving in a wrong alley. Before I started to turn around, two large dogs rushed towards me. I spun the scooter in the gravel and reloaded the main road. In a split second I had to decide to slow down to check on oncoming traffic, but it would have given these big dogs time to catch me. I decided at that quick moment to lock it and escaped without being attacked by dogs or hit by a passing car.

Small scooters are ideal abroad when parking is scarce in most places. It is legal to park them on the sidewalks, as long as there is room for pedestrians.

I think there’s a reason I have a pet dog that is the size of a rabbit and less fierce than one.

Has something similar happened to you? Contact me and let me hear your story!

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