Meet Fetch By The Dodo, A New Breed Of Pet Insurance

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At Fetch by The Dodo® headquarters, the hum of hard drives and the click-click of fingernails hitting the keyboard are punctuated by the occasional yelp and quiet snore of sleeping puppies. Paul Guyardo, CEO of the growing pet insurance company, estimates that 95% of the company’s 225 employees are pet parents and many of them bring their furry children to the work every day. “We screen potential employees based on their attitude toward pets,” Guyardo reports. He is himself the parent of Huncho, a 4-year-old Shichon, an adorable result of the cross between the Shi Tzu and the Bichon Frize.

The founding principles on which Fetch is based

Fetch by The Dodo is a mission-driven company: At its core, Fetch is dedicated to providing pet owners with a way to ensure they are able to give their four-legged companions the best veterinary care in a wide range of health circumstances. Fetch by The Dodo insurance allows your pets to obtain the care they need at a lower cost, whether they suffer from an illness or have been the victim of an accident. The company gives pet owners the information they need to keep their pets in top physical condition every day. A look at the company’s comprehensive blog, The Dig, demonstrates its authority on everything pet-related, from common ailments and medications to healthy diet and exercise advice. Kudos to the company for the clever blog name – it’s a great place to look up information on a wide variety of pet-related topics.

Guyardo describes Fetch by The Dodo as a 15-year-old start-up, still very much focused on innovation. The company was the first to cover virtual vet appointments in 2019, long before COVID-19 made virtual healthcare a norm. The company also stands out for the depth of its coverage. Fetch by The Dodo policies will cover comprehensive dental coverage, for example. The policies cover a wide variety of holistic care, behavioral treatments that go beyond typical chiropractic visits, and more. Fetch by The Dodo also covers sickness examination fees, which are often one of the most expensive parts of veterinary care. By covering exam costs, the company encourages visits to the vet for even minor conditions that some pet owners might overlook, hoping their pets will get better on their own and to save money. money on veterinary costs (excluding wellness visits). With Fetch by The Dodo insurance, you can take your pet to the vet whenever needed without breaking the bank and benefit from coverage that other carriers do not offer.

Fetch Forward® for more information

In line with its startup culture, in February of this year, Fetch by The Dodo launched a program to help pet lovers anticipate health issues their pets may encounter in the future and predict the veterinary expenses they may experience. they might meet later. Fetch Forward (patent pending technology) uses artificial intelligence to inform policyholders of the health risks of their pets. This breakthrough technology uses over 150 million data points from 15 years of clinical health discoveries to deliver predictions that pet parents can use to refine their pets’ daily wellness routines. . The program gives pet owners access to information they may never have had before and offers specific recommendations on how to keep their pets healthy. Certain food choices, supplements, exercise programs and more have been proven to help prevent health problems in dogs and cats. Following Fetch Forward’s advice on preventative health care can protect pets from chronic disease. The program also offers information on breed-specific conditions for owners of purebred animals.

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Fetch by The Dodo can help make vet bills more affordable

You would do anything to keep your pet healthy and safe, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle financially with the vet bill. Click below to get a free pet insurance policy quote.

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Choosing the right pet insurance

Unsurprisingly, Paul Guyardo, CEO of Fetch by The Dodo, has some opinions on the features that make up the best pet insurance policies. When asked if every pet owner needs pet insurance, he answered bluntly, “No. If you can comfortably cover your pet’s veterinary care, you may not need pet insurance. But most pet owners are unable to cover the costs of care for serious illness and accidents, which can cost thousands of dollars. And even wealthy pet owners can save by insuring their pets.

Guyardo recommends that pet owners insure their pets when they are young, ideally as a puppy or kitten. He advises pet owners to carefully read each policy they consider and to be on the lookout for specific exclusions, such as the ones most policies have for expensive dental care (which most carriers do not offer). “The veterinary field is advancing all the time, so make sure your policy covers the most innovative treatments available.” Often the last treatments are the best treatments. But some pet insurance policies only cover the routine treatment of pet health issues.

Learn more about recovery

Fetch by The Dodo offers a simple online registration process. Answer a few quick questions and you’ll receive an instant quote. You can file claims online or through the Fetch by The Dodo mobile app, for convenience on the go. The mobile app lets you scan your vet bills for submission, track your claims history, chat with Fetch, and more. You can also get your reimbursements by direct deposit.

The challenge of finding

There are over 63 million dog parents and 42 million cat parents in the United States today. And yet only 3.3% of canine and feline companions are covered by pet insurance. Fetch aims to change all that. By partnering with Dodo, the world’s largest online pet community, through its extensive media outreach program and technology innovations like Fetch Forward, Fetch is bringing more knowledge about health and wellness. to be pets. Help yourself! Your pet will be better off, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re giving Fido and Fluffy the healthiest, happiest life you can give them.

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